Analysis: The new Apollo City 2022 electric scooter, built using the feedback of the e-scooter community.

See how the newly unveiled 2022 Apollo City Electric scooter makes the latest version of this amazing new scooter so special.  And considering that the company built it with all the feedback they’ve received over the years from their large community, it definitely ticks a ton of boxes for the ideal high-speed commuter electric scooter.

Easy to carry new Apollo City 2022

For lovers of Apollo electric scooters, this new Apollo City 2022 design will surely return to the drawing board and rethink how electric scooters are generally built.

E-scooters are usually a combination of several small off-the-shelf parts, all tied together to optimise costs.  This is part of the way many people look alike.  But that means the method ends up with a weaker and clunkier product.

That’s why the Apollo team has designed more scooters from scratch, starting with larger metal components to avoid the mistakes of previous electric scooters and leading to a more integrated and significantly sturdier design.

After riding the scooter, I can tell you that it’s not just marketing fluff or company.  This is the fact of the brand new Apollo City 2022 scooter.

Designed with purpose

Touch points are the first thing you notice when you hop on an electric scooter.  That’s basically the deck and handlebars.

In the new Apollo City, you are greeted by a spacious deck, with plenty of space to play with, and a whole new set of accessories and features on those handlebars.

Right off the bat, two throttles are jumping at you.  Except that one isn’t really a throttle.  The left thumb lever is actually for regenerative braking, does it work well!

I can basically stop mechanical drum brakes without needing to get involved, though I’m happy to know that they are there (and I love drum brakes for their sealed design, which basically never needed maintenance).

The right thumb throttle works as you’d expect, though it was deliberately designed by Apollo but is just another off-the-shelf part like most other e-scooters these days.

It is very ergonomic and does not put any thumb pressure on me for long rides.

There are many more in the cockpit, including the turn signal buttons, the small yet easy-to-read screen, and the bell built into the brake lever.

I like those brake lever bells because they are quick and easy to use while not taking up any extra space on the handlebars.  When someone walks the bike path and you want to lift their head, there is no stumbling block to finding the bell.  It is proper wherein it is supposed to be.

But there is more to the scooter than you can see in the initial scan.  Now let’s ride.

City and City Pro of different experiences.

Two versions of the new Apollo City offer different experiences: City and City Pro.

The City gets a 500W rear hub motor while the City Pro gets a dual 500W hub motor.  The motors are actually 1,000W peak-rated, which means the City Pro can pull 2,000W max.

The city reaches up to 27 mph (43.5 km / h), but doesn’t it sound more fun blasting up to 32 mph (51.5 km / h) on the City Pro?  27 mph is probably enough for most people, I can’t pretend I didn’t say yes to the extra speed!

It also comes with an extra battery with extra speed.  The 48V 13.5Ah battery in the city gets a boost to 18Ah in the City Pro, giving it a bump from 650 to 864 Wh.  This results in about 30 miles (48 km) in the City and 38 miles (61 km) in the City Pro.

Due to the extra power and battery, 65 lb.  (29.5 kg) City Pro 57 lb.  (26 kg) is slightly heavier than the City, but it is 220 lb.  (100 kg) as well as a high maximum load.  Rating in the City and 265 lbs (120kg) in the City Pro.

Both scooters are built solid, and the folding mechanism is amazingly solid.  It gives me the confidence I need to do 30+ mph while standing, thatโ€™s for sure.

Tires that carry you

Part of the confidence-stirring feeling of a city ride is its suspension and tires.  10 โ€ณ tires are 3.5 โ€ณ wide, making them taller and wider than most electric scooters.  They are also made of this self-healing gummy rubber that can take a 2 “nail and repaint itself. Like a motorcycle or car tire, the tires have no inner tube from the seat, so you’re riding in the air instead of a tough ride with a solid rubber tire.  The only way to have it is to use a solid rubber tire, but these self-healing tires give you the benefits of air tires without having to worry about flats.

The suspension is well-dialled, good handling and offers a comfortable ride on the front and rear.  The orange springs look very slick on a grey scooter, even if it’s a purely aesthetic note.  But hey, there is no need for a scooter to perform well.  It is even better when it looks good while doing it!

App to show the way

And do not get me started on the app! Some companies bring out the app for the app.  But Apollo is very well designed, actually gives you control over the scooter’s features and performance, and also has built-in turn-by-turn navigation so you don’t have to leave the app to go to Waze or Google Maps.  They really pack a lot in one app!

Balanced fair price

And it’s not just a scooter that’s well-designed – the price is also well balanced.  CT is on sale for $ 1,299 and City Pro is on sale at $ 1,599, both being under $ 200 off their MSRP.

The Apollo Explorer is probably my favourite medium-weight and moderately priced electric scooter I’ve tested so far by the company, as the new City and Citi Pro will grind to a performance, look, feel and value at these prices.

Pros: It has turn signals The app allows you to customize the scooter’s performance Faster

Cons: Heavy Finicky, latch mechanism


Finally, Apollo has spent countless hours designing and redesigning this scooter based on feedback from the community of its riders.  From the comprehensive design to the IP56 rating and fair price, this scooter really takes the cake when it comes to powerful and fully equipped commuter scooters.

This is definitely not your garage showpiece  This is a very useful scooter for your routine.  “you don’t need a car anymore”.

It is designed for tough, everyday commuting and is really intended for people who rely on their scooters as a means of transportation.  That dedication to design and functionality shines through.

Created : Micah Toll

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