Review: Redshift ArcLight pedals shine securely and mechanically!

The shimmering seatpost-mounted light is a great idea for any cyclist who shares route with cars.  But Redshift’s ArcLight pedals make riders exponentially more visible and must have the necessary tools.

  Redshift says its pedals make riders 57% safer than the flashing seatpost light.

Redshift Sports, the creator of overall performance biking gadgets for gravel and road, is increasing into the passenger protection market.  Their focus?  Increased bicycle owner visibility.

Introducing new ArcLight pedals.  These new illuminated pedals have a few surely cool “smart” layout functions that differentiate them from the various different protection functions presently to be had to cyclists.

Photo: Redshift Sports

What’s withinside the field?

The pedals include  pedals (obvi), 4 separate mild pods, a USB charging hub so that you can feed all 4 pods at once, and clean to observe set up and care instructions.


Light pods include a respectable fee out of the field however need to be crowned off earlier than used.  At the stop of the pod, you could see the integrated lighting withinside the USB charging area.

The ArcLite charging hub is running, displaying the left pod as “green” as it’s far completely charged.

Installation and weight

Light pods include a respectable fee out of the field however need to be crowned off earlier than used.  At the stop of the pod, you could see the integrated lighting withinside the USB charging area.

The ArcLite charging hub is running, displaying the left pod as “green” as it’s far completely charged.

Redshift arclight pedal weight:

Light pods are hooked up at 350g every.

ArcLight pedals may be outfitted with an average 15mm pedal wrench or 6mm Allen wrench and in shape in any crank arm with a 9/sixteen thread.  When we’re putting in those pedals, I need silver to fit the splendour of our bicycle.

Arclight pedals, out and approximately

After the preliminary trip, we felt that the ArcLight pedals need to have a barely greater competitive pin gadget at the platform, even though the platform is larger and a bit more cushty than the MKS pedals.  We have not had tons hassle with this for the duration of our travels and round town, however we constantly trip with a tender single and respectable tread shoe.  In fact, we nevertheless do not have a positive “attached” experience with those varieties of pins with inside the ark lights as we do with the bike.

On the other hand, arclight pedals need to be more shin-pleasant for the instances where you capture yourself with a pedal while wrestling your bike with a bike rack.

Redshift arclight pedal withinside the city, Photo: Redshift Sports

The ArcLight pedals have an excessive-cease appearance with a remarkable shape and finish.  For the past few months we’ve used ArcLight pedals each day and feature 0 mechanical troubles and feature determined the pedal to perform easily on its sealed bearings.  And the mild pods snap and keep in the area with a robust magnet, supplying you with a pleasing positive “snap” while sliding into the area.

Arclight pedals on my Clem Smith Jr. at nightfall

 Arclight pedals at nightfall in Clem, wherein you could see the front mild (white) and the rear (crimson) mild of the pedals.

Auto on / off and car crimson / white

Archlights are full of a few sensible functions inclusive of car on / off feature and smartset sensors.

Auto On and Off laboured perfectly for the duration of our testing.  We flip them on for our morning trip and by no means contact them once more for the entire day.  We needed to move the bike a little bit so the pedals could come.  We have determined that our utilisation, “constant mild putting and mechanically turning on and stale all through the day” lasts approximately a weekโ€ฆ that is approximate.  4-6 hours of general utilisation in line with the week.

With SmartSet sensors in mild pods, you could rotate the pedal again and again and while it stops, the pedal will reorient every time to white (the front) and crimson (rear).  That becomes an extraordinary feature, ensuring you by no means must fear approximately which mild shadeation is going through wherein direction.

Road.ccRedshift smashes funding target for LED smart pedals

BioMotion and 360 Glare

Every time we use them I run pedal lighting in regular mode.  We use the Dynamo, the front and rear mild on our bike and we’re very secure with those pedals and motorists’ appearance extraordinary while using at nightfall or withinside the evening.  They are shiny enough to be visible by way of the means of the day.  Redshift states that the act of pedalling while arclight pedals are illuminated will increase your visibility via means of 57% as compared to using the front and rear mild.

Other Arclight pedal functions

Smart LED Bike Light Pedals | Arclight Pedals โ€“ Redshift Sportsredshiftsports.com

 BioMotion: Scientific research via means of Clemson University and others display that the addition of organic motion (a herbal frame motion) will increase the visibility via means of 57% as compared to conventional front / rear lighting.

 360 Illumination: Four lighting ( the front on every pedal and  going through rear on every pedal) light up the 360 โ€‹โ€‹mild across the cyclists – growing visibility from any angle (inclusive of facets wherein traditionally the front / rear lighting fail to reach).

 Auto On / Off: The lighting mechanically switches on after they experience motion and mechanically flip off after they understand the bike has stopped.

 Auto Red / White Intelligence: Smartset sensors dynamically alternate the LED shadeation relying on orientation, so white is constantly ahead and crimson is constantly returned.

Light Modes and Battery: three one of a kind mild modes (stable, flash and echo flash) permit for three, eleven or 36 hours of battery life (relying on the selected mild mode.) Each mild module has an integrated male USB port.  Is charging.

Weather resistant: The pedal is a product of stable aluminium and makes use of excessive exceptional sealed bearings.  The mild modules are dirt and water-immune to paintings reliably beneath nearly all conditions.

SolidSmackArclight Bike Pedals Illuminate Your Bike Rides for Easy Visibility


We trust that any motion may be taken to enhance the protection of cyclists, irrespective of size.  With pedals on our bikes, we observed that maximum motorists regarded to be giving us the three เฒ…เฒ—เฒคเณเฒฏเฒตเฒฟเฒฐเณเฒต we wished while crossing the road.  At one factor in our overdue dinner pickups, the motorist rolled down his passenger side window whilst we had been on the stoplight;  “Man, there may be lots of mild things taking place while you are drawing near yourself from behind. What’s that?”  He became related to pedals.  After we advised them what they had been, they said, “What a neat product!”  He declared.

I assume you surely get a properly priced product while shopping for ArcLight pedals.  If you’re visiting or running with motorists in day or night, with tender rubber soles, I could really advise those pedals.  RedShift can in addition enhance pedals via means of including a few traction pins, however there are a few riders who choose this model without pins.

Pre-necessities for ArcLight pedals had been lively for a while at the Redshift Sports website, however they’re formally to be had on May 24 and could retail for $ 140.


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