The EMOVE Roadrunner is a refreshingly high-powered little 35 mph seat electric scooter

The EMOVE Roadrunner by Voromotors seems to be what the engineer designs for a seated electric scooter if he doesn’t have to follow any rules.  It’s basically two wheels tied to the battery, and it probably goes faster than it should.  It’s short.  It’s powerful.  It’s most probably dangerous in the wrong hands.

In other words, it’s highly perfect.

Well, I’m saying “dangerous” in a bit tongue-tied way.  Any two-wheeler or car can be dangerous.  Hell, any vehicle can be dangerous.

In the same way any operator should be careful when rolling their fingers around the steering wheel or mounting a motorcycle, so be careful when sitting deep on this playful little seated electric scooter.

But since the unassuming little roadrunner hides more power and speed than it appears, it’s definitely not an electric scooter to take for granted.

I promise, you will want to see this material in action in my video review below before proceeding with my full written thoughts.

The EMOVE Roadrunner is a refreshingly high-powered little 35 mph seat electric scooter,

Voromotors Roadrunner Technical Specifications

Power motors are 500W (rear) and 350W (front) geared hub motors

Top Speed: 55 km / h (34 mph) has been claimed, although I have gained quite a bit more

Range: claimed 80 km (50 mi)

Battery: 48V 26.1Ah (1,252 Wh)

Weight: 30 kg (55 lb)

Weight capacity: 150 kg (330 lb)

Brakes: XTech Hybrid Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Price: $ 1,695

Extras: LED display, head / tail / brake LED lights with turn signals, 3 speed settings, thumb throttle, suspension fork, long saddle, foot pegs, adjustable high handlebars, fenders, funny little kickstand

Short, fast and entertaining

The Roadrunner-like scooter probably shouldnโ€™t exist, but Iโ€™m glad it did.  This is just an odd product category.

It’s an electric scooter in the showroom, not a showpiece.  But it is not compatible with other seating electric scooters because it is more powerful.

That leaves this hard-to-categorise little pocket rocket that doesn’t care what you call it, it just wants to go!

There are three speed settings and you can use them all.  Most scooters remain in the top speed setting of all time, because who wants to ride in slow mode at 8 mph?  But Roadrunner actually gets more speed in Settings 1 and 2.  To ride fast though, Step 3 is where the party begins.

They claim a top speed of 34 mph, but I’ve used my phone’s GPS on a flat ground with a clock speed of 34-37 mph (54-55 km / h), depending on the circumstances (more than 34 mph may be a bit longer).

It’s fast for any e-bike, but especially fast for a small seated e-scooter with 14โ€ณ wheels.

Voromotors eject the Roadrunner

Between the front suspension and the cushioning saddle, the ride is decent at full speed.  I don’t want to hit any self-respecting pothole, but the smooth roads gave this contraption a zero break about riding full.

This exact scooter has been modified to go about 50% faster, so don’t think it’s stock can’t handle the 34 mph speed.

With a 48V battery down, it has enough power between the dual motors to speed up and make you rolling faster.

In fact, the battery is so large that it basically feels like a scooter built around the battery.  The frame is not really to hold you back, it is to hold the battery.  You’re just sitting on it.

We will never see this big battery.  The 48V and 26.1Ah pack is a staple in the industry, or if I can figure out which industry the Roadrunner fits into, I think it could.

Regardless, it is quite battery efficient.  They say you get 50 miles (80 km) from the object, or as they say cheekily, “100 miles with a battery swap.”  Since the battery is removable, they are slowly advising you to buy a second one so you can double your range.

Iโ€™m here to tell you that you probably donโ€™t need a second battery, because the first one is so giant and it gives you everything you need.

But if you want a better range in the fast-sitting-electric-scooter segment, by all means, get a second battery.

  The EMOVE Roadrunner scooter brake / wheels,

When it came to braking, Voromotors made the wise decision to equip the EMOVE Roadrunner with hydraulic brakes.  You don’t want to try and stop 35 “to 14” wheels without some extra power.

I would have preferred to see hydraulic lines move up to hydraulic levers in the bars, but it definitely works.  Breaking is as quick and confident as Iโ€™d like to see in this little bad decision-maker.

Speaking of bars, there is also a cool folding feature that allows you to fold the scooter up even more.

For such a small vehicle, the best feature is the ability to fold the bars and slide closer to the wall.

The Roadrunner scooter

There is a lot to like here.  Good comfortable seating.  Large battery life.  Hydraulic disc brakes.  Dual Motors.  Suspension.  LED Light Package.  The dang thing also comes with turn signals.  They’re not too far away so I’m not sure they are easily recognized as turn signals, but it doesn’t hurt!

The only real downside I can see here is that it does not fit as easily as fewer riders than some big and tall riders.  Well, big riders might be fine.  It is rated up to 150 kg (330 lb).  But tall riders may find this a little squeeze.  You can scoot back into the scooter’s seat to stretch your legs a bit more, but there is a limit.!

Is it worth it?

So here’s the bottom line.  The EMOVE Roadrunner is $ 1,695.  This is definitely more than cheap seat electric scooters, but it has more power, speed and range.

So for the price, you are getting a lot here.  The performance is undeniable, and the usability is also great.  While it does not have storage space, the content is nice and compact to hide in your apartment or office.  It doesn’t have much of an e-bike (or speed limit), which looks a bit disgusting.

If you don’t mind a funny look (or prefer it), then I think Roadrunner is totally worth the price.  It is fast, fun, energetic and simply encourages riding.


Who Makes a Road Runner Scooter?

Dale Ross – Business Owner – Owner Road Runner Scooter

What happens if you ride an electric scooter on the road?

Privately owned e-scooters remain illegal on roads, cycle lanes and anywhere else you can think of.  The reason for this is the old law dating back to the 1800s.  Anyone riding their own scooter will face a hefty fine and six points on their current or future driver’s licence

What’s the fastest electric scooter?

Only scooters that measure 0 – 30 mph are included in the ESG test track.

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