Fulcrum Speed ​​25 is going quicker and lighter with avenue wheels with a low-profile carbon climber of 1285 g.

The Fulcrum wheels

The Fulcrum variety of avenue bike wheels gives light-weight and dependable wheelsets for each condition, course, subject and budget.  From professional-grade full-carbon aero wheels, to a high-overall performance aluminum line, Fulcrum has the right wheel to suit your overall performance.  Our engineers have evolved the exceptional technical solutions, from proprietary ceramic bearings to disc brakes and tubeless compatibility, to reap minimum rolling resistance, make sure most safety, and offer you with lengthy-lasting self belief and trouble-unfastened trip fun.

The Fulcrum Speed ​​25 wheels

Fulcrum’s new Ultralight Low-Profile Carbon Speed ​​25 avenue wheels are definitely “overcoming the peaks”.  While current avenue riders agree that aero wheels are definitely quicker in flat and rolling terrain, weight-bearers get out of the woodwork on the subject of mountain climbing a huge mountain.  There isn’t anyt any argument that ultralight wheels sense like flying over mountains.  And with a current extensive interior, no-tape tubeless and sub-1300g wheelset with disc brakes, it is clean to assume those new Fulcrum Speed ​​25 wheels make the ones giant mounts quicker.

Fulcrum Speed ​​25 wheels with a light-weight carbon climber

Fulcrum hopes that avenue cyclists will reconsider lighter wheels with their new Speed ​​25.  Most wheel advances in latest years – deeper aero profiles, shift to disc brakes, wider rim widths and tubeless – have all made the wheels a touch heavier.  But the Speed ​​25 proves that current avenue wheels don’t should be heavy.


  (Fulcrum Speed ​​25 light-weight carbon climber wheels, low profile)   C.  Fulcrum

For riders handling monster mounts, the lighter nonetheless rules.  And for cyclists who cowl big distances, low profile wheels suggest much less poor effect and definitely greater vertical compliance in an air-conditioned environment.  Fulcrum claims that lengthy spokes, shallow rim depths, and the front and rear uneven rim shapes permit for tuning sprint-geared up reaction even as preserving ultra-distance comfort.

Technical details


  Fulcrum Speed ​​25 light-weight carbon climber wheels, Gavia mount

One function that everybody cares approximately in those 26mm deep carbon wheels is their overall wheelset weight of simply 1285g.


  Fulcrum Speed ​​25 light-weight carbon climber wheels, hooked tubeless rim profile

It has extensive current 21mm inner width and aero-optimized 27.6mm extensive outer profile, 2-manner match tubeless rim profile operating with tubes, centerlock disc brakes, 12mm thru-axles, compatibility with all current avenue drivetrains, and 100% in Europe.

What else could you want to know?  What’s new?


  Fulcrum Speed ​​25 light-weight carbon climber wheels, USB ceramic bearings

They get Campy’s validated USB ceramic bearings (50% much less drag than top rate metallic bearings).


  Fulcrum Speed ​​25 wheels with light-weight carbon climber, rim detail

They function easy outside nipples however use MoMag Tech, which gives a non-stop carbon rim mattress with out spark holes, that means no tape is needed for the tubeless setup and the right leak-unfastened, trouble-unfastened tubeless setup permanently.  They come directly out of the mould with UV-solid resin, that means there is no clean coat to feature greater colour or weight, and a low-key matte end that makes any bike appearance greater stealthy.

  Fulcrum Speed ​​25 light-weight carbon climber wheels, hubs

The Fulcrum 24 Aero Bladed Double-Butted Sprock builds wheels with the front and rear and the front and rear precise lacing.  But additionally they layout every in their precise crossed lacing patterns, their 36T / 10 ° engagement alloy hubs, and molded-in stacked spark holes in order that no  spokes can contact them.  This won’t appear to be a huge deal, however Fulcrum says that it guarantees constant overall performance over the lengthy lifestyles of the wheels and guarantees no sudden squeak.

Fulcrum Speed ​​25 – Price, Options and Availability


  Fulcrum Speed ​​25 light-weight carbon climber wheels, studio pair

The brand new Ultralight Carbon Fulcrum wheels Speed ​​25 are to be had to hold you mounts today, beginning at  € 2186/ $ 2750.  Campagnolo-primarily based totally wheels are inexpensive with Shimano HG11 FreeHub, however you may get them for approximately ten dollars for SRAM XDR or Campy N3W.


Fulcrum Speed ​​25 Lightweight Carbon Climbers Wheels, Zonkolon Summit

Interestingly, UK cyclists pay the same £ 2000 for what mountaineering drivetrain they want.

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