Propella 7S electric bike review: Clarity and slick looks amalgamate in this inexpensive e-bike

The Propella 7S electric bike has many features.  It is lightweight.  Nice to see.  It is affordable.  The one thing it isn’t is too complicated.  This e-bike is as simple as it gets and that’s part of what makes it attractive as a commuter e-bike.

Propella 7s Electric Bike Review

If you’re familiar with the Propella SS 4.0, you’re already familiar with the key features of the Propella 7S.

The SS is simply the single-speed version of this bike, and is otherwise almost identical.

While I enjoyed the SS as a good city e-bike for flat cities, the 7S model adds a 7-speed transmission, which is appreciated by commuters who live in hilly areas and want the ability to climb or move uphill.  Flat Earth Speed.

Propella 7S Technical Specifications

Motor: 250 W (400 W peak) Bafang rear mounted hub motor

Maximum speed: 30 km/h (18.5 mph)

Range: 32-64 km (20-40 mi) depending on level of pedal assist

Battery: 36V 7Ah (250 Wh)

Charge time: 2.5 hours

Weight: 16.8 kg (37 lb)

Frame: Aluminium alloy

Brakes: Shimano mechanical disc brakes

Tires: CST XPEDIUM 700C x 35

Extras: Speedometer, battery gauge, PAS level indicator, odometer, tripmeter, 5 speed settings, mounting points for racks/fenders, alloy bar ends, metal pedals, LCD display with compact charger

Price: $1,249 (but sometimes sells for $1,099)

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Everything you require

When it comes to the Propella 7S, you should go into this e-bike knowing what it is for and what it isn’t.

It’s an urban-oriented e-bike, meaning it’s meant to be light and efficient.  Tipping the scales at 37 lb (16.eight kg), it weighs considerably much less than many different city e-motorcycles we have got seen.

It’s not a powerhouse as it has a relatively small 250 watt motor, but it still puts out a maximum of 400 watts to give you the extra power you need when accelerating or climbing a hill.

But this isn’t just some motorcycle in e-bike clothing.  This is the epitome of an electric bicycle sketched for pedaling.  It is a Class 1 e-bike, meaning it does not have a throttle and only operates on pedal assist.  You get five levels of pedal assist to choose from, from level 1, where you do most of the work, to level 5, where you basically turn the pedals lightly and let the motor do the work.  for you

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At full speed this will get you up to 18.5 mph, which may sound like an odd figure but it is likely to translate to 30 km/h.  I’d love to see them give us the extra 1.5 mph that’s allowable under Class 1 e-bike laws, because 20 mph is perfect.  But even so, you won’t really notice such a small difference, and a slightly lower speed will help squeeze out another mile or two in range.

A small and light battery doesn’t sound like much of a capacity, measuring just 250 Wh, but those Samsung cells are sipping power through a coffee stirrer instead of a milkshake straw.

If you put it on level 1 or 2 pedal assist, you can practically go all day.  But if you tend to use the high power mode most of the time, expect your range to drop from 40-ish miles to closer to 20-ish miles.

Level 5 pedal assist gets even less, but I rarely ride in Level 5 because it doesn’t require as much pedal input.  Instead, stage 3 seems to be my sweet spot for feeling like I’m part of the process but not working too hard to the point where I’m sweating.

Propella 7s e-bike

So between the 400 W peak-rated motor and the 250 Wh battery, you get a pretty decent power side of the bike.

But what about the mechanical part?  The minimalist aluminium frame is adorned with narrow urban street tires and sexy blue anodized rims.  The blue strip tips match the rims and make a nice accent to the slick-looking e-bike.  When you add a 7-speed gear set and grabby Shimano disc brakes, you’ve got some great and efficient parts on a budget-oriented e-bike (normally priced at US $1,249 but currently on sale for just $1,099 at the time of this review).

The two biggest things that I think the bike is missing are fenders and LED lights.  To be fair, Propella does have a set of fenders and rechargeable LED lights that they sell you.  Might as well take out the rear rack while you’re at it.

But I always like to see these parts included in commuter-oriented e-bikes because they are such essential components.  I’ve made the same complaint against other popular lightweight urban e-bikes, so the only thing I’d call out on that note is the propeller distance.

Another thing I ding Propella for is charging a $50 shipping fee.  I’m not saying it’s not fair.  In fact, they will pay you more than $50 to ship the bike.  But free shipping (i.e. shipping is included in the price) is almost standard across the e-bike industry in the US, and so I like to make it easy to compare bike prices with other companies.

Propella 7s e-bike

But all things considered, Propella has still done a great job in creating an efficient and attractive urban commuter e-bike.  It’s one of the few electric bikes in this nearly $1,000 price range that looks really good, but it comes with brand-name parts despite its entry-level price. Bafang motor, Samsung battery cells, brakes and shifter, CST tires.  All the big names are there instead of cheap imitation parts.

So props to Propella for making a slick, easy-to-ride and simple-to-use electric bike that comes at an affordable price.

For those who need the comfort of a multi-gear bike but still want something that looks minimal and classy, โ€‹โ€‹it’s hard to go wrong here.

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