Steel is actually with in the Sour with double choke enduro complete-suspension and DM tubular Cybercrank prototypes!

Sour Double Chock Steel 143mm Travel Enduro Bike Prototype, Active-Made Alloy Linkage

We already knew that Soar loves to construct bikes in metallic, however a few new prototypes propose that they might not be preventing ordinary vintage hardtail mountain bikes and gravel bikes whenever soon.  This is not our first examination of a complete suspension double chock, however now we get a more in-depth appearance (and a video of Timo Pretzel backflipping it!)  And the ones Cyber โ€‹โ€‹cranks?  Let’s simply say that a current direct mount tubular CrMo metallic crankset has lots of packages from gravel to pathโ€ฆ

Sour Double Chock Steel Enduro Prototype

We had been catching glimpses of this metallic complete suspension bitter mountain bike on account that overdue 2020.  Its average shape does not appear to have been modified a lot on account of the ones first path-equipped prototypesโ€ฆ However, the degree of travel via it really continues.  to evolve.

Because this unique bike has been withinside the fingers of German freerider Timo Pritzel on account of the start of development.  And in place of hyping humans up for path driving and cycling and doing yoga on pinnacle of it, it is now being handled as a slopestyle or bike park bike instead.

Technical details… What will we know?

Sour Double Chock Steel 143mm Travel Enduro Bike Prototype, Link-Driven Single Pivot URT

Made in Germany, the metallic double surprise prototype functions a single pivot suspension layout with a separate linkage and rocker arm actuated surprise.  Those  bright silver factors are the most effective bits that are not crafted from metallic, however alternatively from CNC Dresden throughout the metropolis from Active.

The bike spins in my opinion on outsized bearings and there are lots of them to maintain this issue shifting smoothly, giving the bike a Sour Prototype 143mm of rear wheel travel.

Underneath, it is a miles easier setup, inclusive of a conventional BSA threaded back side bracket on the rear of the frame dropped phase, which mounts the low surprise mount with chrome steel reinforcement, a drop downtube to make manner for an extremely low surprise position (and piggyback) and surprise clearance at some point of the whole travel), and 2  -No frills single pivot at the bottom of the phase seat tube.

Out again, welded oval chainstays and spherical seat remains come collectively with a properly machined Boost thru-axle dropout, an IS disc brake mount and a neat little brake strut brazed among the remains.

Other than the fact that the bike is more often than not dialled-in and quite a lot revised, now no longer a lot has been stated but via the means of Sourโ€ฆ all in candy metallic 4130 CrMoโ€ฆ

Sour Double Choke Steel 143mm Travel Enduro Bike Model, Sweet CRMO

In truth, Soar in the beginning predicted to launch the brand new bike to clients early in the final year.  But instead, he determined to depart into German body production, switching from frames made in Taiwan to frames welded and brazed in Saxony, simply outdoors the town of Dresden.

That homegrown shift offers them extra flexibility, whilst retaining charges affordable.  But it is a vital circulate withinside the days of the continued pandemic (a number of their custom small elements are produced remote places for the moment).  They are already constructing hardtail mountain bikes in Germanyโ€ฆ

But the all-new Soar double-choke complete-suspension bike is a piece extra complex to produce, so they prefer extra direct bikes this time around.  That stated, this bitter prototype is not precisely at the again burner โ€” it is getting loads of extra product checking out earlier than you may order your very very own Double Choke.

Timo Pretzel reversed it

Aside from the fact that this prototype I took pix of nonetheless has path dirt on its corners and skulls, Timo Pritzl made it clear that his bike is being nicely tested.

This isn’t a few ‘unrideable model’ prototypes.

This is the prototype they may be the use of to dial-withinside the suspension kinematics and make certain it’s going to maintain as much as the maximum worrying riders.  Apparently, after more than one a long time of flipping bikes withinside the air from the ones preferred early New World Disorder films and crankworks competitionsโ€ฆ Timo changed into itching to get a few new the wrong way up driving shots.

Sour Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Cranks Steel Prototype Direct Mount Cranks


Sour Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Cranks Tubular Chromoly Steel Direct Mount Crankset Prototype #11

Now a piece again and in the direction of earth… Soar has hidden any other prototype in undeniable sight at Eurobike.  It truly seems to be a Prototype 11.

It’s been some time on account that I’ve seen a brand new tubular chromoly metallic crankset on a mountain bike, so perhaps Sour determined it changed in time to update it.

We’ve already been given a glimpse of those prototype Cyber โ€‹โ€‹cranks at the road, the Sour Bad Granny current MTB klunker to assist have a good time 15 years of Gates carbon belt drives.

But a more in-depth appearance well-known shows a few cool details.

Sour Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Cranks Tubular Chromoly Steel Direct Mount Crankset Prototype, Naming

We need to anticipate that the hand-scrawled call at the again of those cyber cranks does not imply they are internet-linked or anything.  Perhaps it has extra to do with the unique Greek origins of control.  These will absolutely assist with that.

Sour Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Cranks Tubular Chromoly Steel Direct Mount Crankset Prototype, DM Bolts and Spider

What’s actually specific about those welded tubular metallic cranks is their preferred 3-bolt direct mount interface.  Sure enough, this setup has any other machined 4-bolt spider to mount the gates belt ring.

But 1x mountain or gravel bikers can effortlessly bolt on a unmarried directly mount chainring for a great-searching setup that mixes retro-fashion small-diameter chromoly crank hands with a current narrow-width 1x ring correct for the modern 11/12/13-velocity drivetrains.  .

Sour Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Cranks Tubular Chromoly Steel Direct Mount Crankset Prototype with Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Now, there may be nonetheless little or no statistics to be had in this Sour Prototype Tubular Steel Direct Mount Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Cranks crankset.  But if they could construct a complete-suspension metallic enduro bike of their German workshop, genuinely they could weld a few metallic cranksets collectively, right?

We’ll hold it until your gravel bike receives a few current metallic cranks.

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