Hummingbird’s new ultralight 22 lb. (10 kg) electric powered bike is fabricated from plant fibre

Hummingbird flax

There are light-weight electric powered bikes after which there are without a doubt light-weight e-bikes. But the brand new Hummingbird Flax folding e-bike is even lighter than that. At simply 22 lb. (10 kg), this plant-primarily based totally e-bike isn’t simply pleasant on your back – it’s reputedly vegan-pleasant as well.

A plant-primarily based totally e-bike?

The employer says that the Hummingbird Flax is the lightest folding electric powered bike withinside the world. That prize is thank you in large part to its novel body layout.

Constructed of flax fibre, the e-bike makes use of a sustainable plant-primarily based total layout that is extremely light-weight and extremely strong.

Plant fibre has a visible developing hobby in the car enterprise as an excellent lighter-weight choice than carbon fibre. With carbon fibre e-bikes apparently a dime a dozen those days, flax fibre would possibly simply be the large new component to attain the ones vital buzzword points.

The Hummingbird flax isn’t simply mild at the poundage – it’s additionally mild at the power.

The rear hub motor may also appear huge however is most effective rated for 250W of power. That’s 1/three horsepower, for the ones retaining the score.

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The large length of the motor is because of the inclusion of the batteries in the case. Stuffing the motor, controller, batteries, and different vital hardware all into one package deal allows an extra streamlined search for the bike. In addition, all the weight is on the rear of the bike, however at the least it’s down low!

The battery is as a substitute small too at simply 158 Wh, however the employer nevertheless claims a maximum range of fifty km (31 miles). There’s no throttle, so that’s the human-assisted variety.

With the European-felony pinnacle pace of 25 km/h (15.five mph), that small battery may also simply final for the complete 50 km, at the least if you’re pushing pretty tough yourself.

Some images appear to expose the e-bike with a belt at the same time as others deliver it a popular chain drive. Both will be a choice, however it definitely appears that it’s designed as a single-pace both ways.

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A plant-primarily based totally electric powered bike doesn’t come reasonably-priced, beginning at £4,995 withinside the UK (US $6,050) with a 20% VAT included. For the relaxation of the world, the bike is priced at £4,162 (US $five,040). Part of that price is probable because of steeply-priced additives just like the carbon fibre seat put up with titanium hardware. Of course you can without problems spend that tons on a regular old style aluminium e-bike, so who is to mention that’s even taken into consideration costly anymore?!


Okay, I’ll bite. It’s interesting, even though I’m now no longer positive everyone changed into without a doubt begging for plant-primarily based totally e-motorcycles. I assume an aluminium e-bike is simply as vegan-pleasant, even though I don’t realise enough about the delivery chain to mention which one has much less strength in depth overall. Aluminium isn’t precisely extremely-reasonably-priced to supply both.

Having a fantastic light-weight e-bike is definitely an asset for commuters that need to bring their e-moto motorcycle on occasion. Whether up the steps or onto a bus, lifting 23 kg (50 lb.) e-bike isn’t fun. Something 1/2 of the load just like the Hummingbird Flax does sound like it’d be plenty nicer to bring.

That being said, I’m kind of willing to appear extra close to a micro e-bike just like the JackRabbit, which charges 20% of this price. It won’t have all of the identical bells and whistles, however I should buy 5 of them for the identical price. Fore more details

That’s what was given to remember for something, right?!


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