Super73 Z-series fat tire e-bikes make your commute more exciting at an affordable price

Super73 makes stylish and retro-looking e-bikes intended for all kinds of uses, which have recently become popular among some celebrities.ย  Today we are reviewing the Z-series and discussing its three models.

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Review: Super73-ZX is a fantastic electric moped with serious California vibes.

The first Super73s were hand-built in 2016 by a small team in Orange County, where they are still headquartered today.ย  What made them unique then and today is the frame and design.ย  Building on the legacy of vintage sports cruisers popular in the 1970s, Super73s have an eye-catching design that appeals to a wide audience.

Today we are going to discuss the company’s first series of products, the Z-series.ย  With a low-riding cruiser style, these e-bikes can be used for easy commuting, perfect for the average city-dweller.ย  At first glance, you can see that they did not popularise the design with any nonsense, keep it to a minimum.ย  If you are used to other e-bikes, they may feel a little empty inside.ย  But personally, I like that you may without problems see thru the bike

The Z-series has different models, ZG, Z Miami, and ZX.

Let’s start with the ZG, the cheapest of Super73’s entire stock with a base price of โ‚ฌ1,600 ($1,592).ย  Note that I am browsing the EU version of the store as I was automatically redirected by the website.ย  That being said, all ZG models seem to be out of stock.ย  No updates on when or if they will be reinstated.ย  Perhaps they will discontinue this particular model to push a new, more performant (and, naturally, more expensive) one.ย  I’ll skip the ZG and look at the ZX, a revised version of the ZG, with a base price of โ‚ฌ2,700 ($2,687).

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Super73โ€™s first electric motorcycle combines retro styling with cutting-edge technology

ZX is signed

Super73 cruiser style with long banana seat.ย  What’s better is the sleek way they’ve incorporated the battery into the design by integrating it with the seat.ย  Don’t worry, it’s removable, so you can take it out and charge it wherever and whenever you want.ย  Also, we wouldn’t blame you if you think the ZX is just a cool-looking conventional bike because it doesn’t really give off any e-bike vibes.

Let’s imagine you are taking a seat on it.ย  You’ll probably notice an upright position first, then a kick if you decide to speed it up.ย  Using its 48V EPAC 250 W limited motor, the EU version of the ZX can reach speeds of up to 25 kph (15.5 mph), making it drivable in Europe without a driving licence.ย  The US version can reach 24 mph (38.6 kph).

The bike is designed to provide as much support as possible.  It features eight-speed gearing and four pedal-assist (PAS) modes that can be customised using the Super73 app.  The e-bike has a 40-80-km (25-50-mile) range, relying on which of the 4 selectable velocity ranges you use. The charging time is quite long, taking you around 6-7 hours.

There is one downside – the bike is quite heavy.  Although the frame is made of aluminium, the total weight (battery included) is 30 kg (66 lbs).  It puts down power through its 20″ (51 centimetres) tires and stops momentum using disc brakes. The LZRD tires were chosen with the daily commuter in mind, designed with micro knurling to improve grip while extending tire life.

Super73 took the ZX and re-engineered it into another model called the Z Miami.  It features the same motor, frame and battery as the ZX, with a slightly modified frame design and a few centimetres difference in its seat height.  The starting price of this model is โ‚ฌ2,400 ($2,389).

The ZX and Z Miami are available for pre-order, with deliveries expected to begin this fall.ย  You can choose from five colours for the ZX: Moon Rock, Storm Grey, Agave Green, Panthro Blue and Ron Burgundy, while four colours are available for the Z Miami: Prickly Pink, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red and Powder Grey.ย  You can upgrade both e-bikes with the Off-Road Pack, which includes an extra-wide handlebar and throttle.

The Z series is a great start to the Super73.ย  Stay tuned, as we explore other series created by him.

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