GoTrax XR Elite review: A truly great e-scooter at a great price

Gotrax xr elite e-scooter

The GoTrax XR Elite is the latest price range-minded electric powered scooter from GoTrax. And on the stupid low fee of $399, the GoTrax XR Elite is as low cost as it’s miles whelming. Which is to say, quite.

If you need excessive-quit suspension, underdeck lighting, an extended variety battery, and sufficient energy to climb the Rockies, thatโ€™s awesome.

But appearance someplace else.

Because the GoTrax XR Elite is all approximately filling the realistic area of interest of a no thrills, no frills, simple vintage e-scooter that simply works.

Check out the scooter in motion in all of its glory beneath with our  review. Then continue studying to get into the nuts and bolts of why the GoTrax XR Elite can be the correct electric powered scooter in your price range.

GoTrax XR Elite electric powered scooter review

GoTrax XR Elite tech specs

Motor: 300W continuous

Top pace: 25 km/h (15.five mph)

Range: 30 km (18.6 mi) as advertised

Battery: 36V 7.8Ah (280 Wh)

Max load: a hundred kg (220 lb)

Weight: 14.6 kg (31.nine lb)

Frame: Aluminium

Suspension: None

Brakes: Front motor braking, rear mechanical disc brake

Wheels: 8.five-inch air-crammed tires

Extras: LCD show with speedometer, LED headlight, protection lockout on folding mechanism, 6 reflectors surrounding the scooter, IP54 water resistance

Gotrax xr elite E-powered scooter

A scooter that lands its punches wherein it counts

When it involves reasonably-priced scooters, you recognize going into them that youโ€™re now no longer getting a top rate product. But GoTrax is regarded to usually nail the โ€œtrue sufficientโ€ area of interest.

Thatโ€™s precisely what the GoTrax XR Elite is, a scooter that is ideal sufficient for maximum riders that arenโ€™t searching out excessive speeds or excessive performance.

Itโ€™s designed to get the activity completed and simply not anything greater.

With a pinnacle pace of 15.five mph (25 km/h), youโ€™ll maintain up with maximum riders inside the moto motorcycle lane however you wonโ€™t be passing cars.

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Gotrax xr elite electric scooter

For me, I discover that to be speedy sufficient for authentic town using, together with town blocks, however it could sense a piece gradual after I get into the suburbs. With open streets, 15 mph every so often leaves me trying even harder.

At those instances though, I remind myself what Iโ€™m using: a $399 electric powered scooter. Itโ€™s now no longer one in every of my forty mph loopy e-scooters, itโ€™s a price range scooter. And after I maintain that during my mind, all of sudden matters appear peachier.

With 280Wh of battery (round 10% greater than the preceding GoTrax XR Ultra), I can get around 15 miles (25 km) of variety out of the GoTrax XR Elite after Iโ€™m using it quite hard. Iโ€™ve by no means visible the 18.6 miles (30 km) of variety that the corporation claims, however alternatively I quite a great deal experience it at complete throttle, so that might be why.

Gotrax xr elite electric powered scooter

A few different modifications in comparison to the preceding XR Ultra model of this scooter consist of hiding the brake cable withinside the stem of the scooter and additionally surrounding the scooter with a pile of reflectors. Thereโ€™s an LED headlight and taillight for true measure, however the sheer range of reflectors in this aspect is impressive. Theyโ€™re everywhere โ€“ and nobody goes to overlook them at night.

The one fundamental disadvantage of this scooter might be the shortage of suspension. But again, you canโ€™t genuinely ask for suspension on a sub-$four hundred electric powered scooter.

I discovered that easy roads are brilliant and sidewalk cracks are manageable, however you genuinely donโ€™t need to hit an exceptionally pockmarked avenue in this scooter. If your go back and forth is absolutely on cobblestones, steer clean of this one and seize some thing with complete suspension.

For simply your run of the mill avenue particles and brick gaps, the air-crammed tires are respectable at soaking up the shock.

Some humans hate air-crammed tires in the view that they suggest you may get a flat tire one day. Iโ€™m withinside the pro-air-crammed tires class though. Yes, thereโ€™s a danger for a flat. But the experience is simply so much nicer than stable or honeycomb tires on a non-suspension scooter.

Gotrax xr elite electric powered scooter

Whatโ€™s the interpretation?

So right here it’s miles: the GoTrax XR Elite is respectable. It’s no longer great. But it was given a great fee.

And for its price range fee of $399, it does the whole thing I want it to do. As a town commuter for mild period commutes and simplest mild hills, it’d be an amazing desire for a price range scooter.

If you’ve got large hills or exceptionally bumpy roads, Iโ€™d advocate going with something greater effective and with actual suspension. Just keep in mind, you arenโ€™t going to discover it for a fee like this.

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