8 Best Electric Scooters To Help You Get Rid Of Your Old Travels And Feel Freshness.

Electric scooters are enjoying their moment in the sun.ย  Although they may all look the same, they are not all created equal.ย  The best electric scooters are rated for their reliability, their comfort, their range and – above all – their safety.

They may all look the same, but not all electric scooters are created equal (iStock / The Independent)

Best Electric Scooter in 2022:

These e-scooters are the preferred mode of transportation for anyone who wants to avoid crowded trains, cut down unnecessary car journeys and reach their destination without having to pull back through the bush.

But despite their popularity, local laws have been slow to adapt to this emerging green transportation.  There are imminent plans in the UK to regulate and authorize the use of private scooters on public streets, but until these new rules are implemented – and depending on where you are – only the use of e-scooters on our list is allowed.  On private land.  So always scoop responsibly.

Finding the best electric scooter for your needs depends on a number of factors.  Does it have a long range to take you to and from your destination?  Does it have durable tires to handle the road surfaces you ride?  Can motorists handle a steep hill on their way to Big Tesco?  Does it fold easily and the Smart Fortwo fits in the back?

Our list of best electric scooters includes models suitable for most riders: affordable models that don’t cut corners when it comes to impeccable all-round performance, quality and safety, and long range models for those who want to go scooting.

Best 8 Electric Scooter in 2022:

Best in performance – Pure air pro: ยฃ 499, Pureelectric.com

Best All Rounder – Pure Air: ยฃ 349, Pureelectric.com

Good for adults – Xiaomi Mi pro 2: ยฃ 469, Currys.co.uk

Best Lightweight E-Scooter – Unagi Model One: ยฃ 749, Amazon.co.uk

Best Budget Electric Scooter – Xiaomi Mi 1S: ยฃ 339.49, Amazon.co.uk

Good for Teenagers – Bird One: ยฃ 349.99, Electricrideoncars.co.uk

Good with a replaceable battery – decent one max: ยฃ 449, Currys.co.uk

Excellent range – Segway Ninebot Max G30E II: ยฃ 729,


Pure air pro (2nd generation)

Best: For performance

Rating: 10/10

Weight: 16.5kg

Size: 116cm x 50cm x 119cm / 51cm

Range: 50 km

Charging time: 8.5 h

Power: 500W

Tires: 10in, inflatable puncture-resistant

Like the more affordable Pure air go (ยฃ 349, Purelectric.com), the Pure Air Pro is built to withstand all kinds of miserable weather, while the IP65 water resistance enables you to plow straight around puddles.  Thick 10in wheels and pneumatic tires make for the most comfortable and least annoying rides of any scooter we’ve tested.

The fully upgraded version of the basic Pure Air Electric scooter, the Pro weighs just over half a kilo and introduces some improvements over the regular model.  Front-wheel drive motors are more powerful and increase the slopes as they are not, but the larger battery and regenerative braking extend the battery life and increase the maximum range to an impressive 31 miles.

The Pure Air Pro is a high-performance e-scooter and an excellent choice for those who regularly ride across the hilly terrain.

Buy Now ยฃ 499.00, Pureelectric.com

Pure air (2nd generation)

Best: All-rounder

Rating: 9/10

Weight: 16kg

Size: 116cm x 50cm x 119cm / 51cm

Range: 20 km

Charging time: 3.5hrs

Power: 350W

Tires: 10in, inflatable puncture-resistant

The best electric scooter for less than ยฃ 400, the clean air strikes an uncompromising balance between value, battery life, comfort and quality build.  It looks smart, weighs just 16kg, has a smooth, no-fuss design and has a quality steel frame in black or gray.

The IP65 Water Resistance – a higher grade than most other scooters we’ve tested – means you can confidently zip through puddles without damaging any sensitive electronics, making it a great option for anyone who wants to continue riding during the winter months.  Rear-wheel drive may lose momentum on steep slopes, but a three-speed motor will keep you moving all the same.

This is the best all-rounder and all you need on an electric scooter.

Buy Now ยฃ 349.00, Pureelectric.com

Xiaomi Mi pro 2

Best: For adults

Rating: 8/10

Weight: 14.2kg

Range: 28 miles

Charging time: 8.5 hours

Power: 300W

Wheels: 8.5in pneumatic tires

Xiaomi’s highly premium electric scooter is powered by a punchier motor than its budget-level counterpart, the Xiaomi Mi 1S (ยฃ 339.49, Amazon.co.uk).  Keep in mind that motor power does not change the top speed of the Xiaomi Mi pro 2 – electric scooters sold in Europe are limited to speeds of up to 15.5 mph – which improves performance on hills and with heavier riders.

The Xiaomi Mi pro 2 is also a better deal than the more compact Xiaomi Mi 1S, which makes this scooter less portable but significantly more stable.  Smaller electric scooters may feel shaky, but the longer wheelbase here allows for more balance and control even when doing tight turns at low speeds.  The large deck creates more space for battery storage, offering an impressive range for its weight.

Buy Now ยฃ 469.00, Currys.co.uk

The bird is one

Best: For teenagers

Rating: 8/10

Weight: 14.2kg

Range: 28 miles

Charging time: 8.5 hours

Power: 300W

Wheels: 8.5in pneumatic tires

Another electric scooter originally designed for the rental market, the Bird One is a robust and high-performance ride built for reliability and packed with unique connectivity features.  The Companion app works the same way as using rentals, allowing you to search the scooter using GPS tracking, remotely lock or unlock the scooter from your phone, and detect any burglary theft.

The scooter’s semi-solid tires provide the best of both worlds, resistant to cushions and punctures while remaining comfortable on curbs and bumps, but its overall weight and inability to fold the handle makes it feel a little cumbersome when not in use.  If there is an easy way to take this scooter without smashing your suspicious shins into the Smitherines, we haven’t figured it out.

Buy Now ยฃ 349.99, Electricrideoncars.co.uk

Unagi Model One

Best: Lightweight electric scooter

Rating: 8/10

Weight: 12kg

Size: 116cm x 50cm x 119cm / 51cm

Range: 15.5 miles

Charging time: 5 hours

Power: Dual 250W

Tires: 7.5 inch solid

The lightest electric scooter we tested, the Unagi Model One is a nippy little ride with an elegant magnesium alloy handlebar, integrated display and carbon fiber tubes.  At just 12kg, it is one of the most portable scooters on the market and has a straightforward, single-click folding function, making it a great choice for anyone who is going for regular rides and needs to store it in car boot or luggage space.

To keep the weight down, Unagi had to sacrifice some power output and restrict battery size.  This means it struggles on steep slopes and has a relatively limited range compared to most heavy-duty scooters on our list.  The range of the Unagi Model One is about 15.5 miles, less than half of the long range Pure air pro LR (ยฃ 749, Purelectric.com).

Those solid rubber tires are perfect for puncture-proof, durable and smooth roads, but will rattle your teeth in rough terrain.

Buy Now ยฃ 749.00, Amazon.co.uk

Xiaomi Mi 1S

Best: Budget Electric Scooter

Rating: 9/10

Weight: 12.5kg

Range: 18.5 miles

Charging time: 5.5 hours

Power: 250W

Wheels: 8.5in pneumatic tires

If you’ve ever ridden an electric scooter before, it could be Xiaomi.  The Xiaomi M365 (or some variant) has long been the workhorse of many e-scooter rental applications on the planet.  This is thanks to the simple, low-cost construction and indestructible build quality of the Chinese scooter.  The Xiaomi Mi 1S is built around the blueprint of the M365 and has been redesigned for private ownership.

Sturdy rubber wheels with inflatable tires go for a more comfortable ride.  At 12.5kg, the Xiaomi Mi 1S is easier to carry than any other scooter we’ve tested – except for the Unagi model, which is slightly lighter than the one above (ยฃ 749, Amazon.co.uk).  While the small motor is slowing down as it approaches its top speed, the initial acceleration is delightfully snappy and responsive.

Buy Now ยฃ 339.49, Amazon.co.uk

Decent one max

Best: With a replaceable battery

Rating: 7/10

Weight: 15 kg

Size: 108cm x 42cm x 118cm (46cm folded)

Range: 24 miles

Charging time: 6 hours

Power: 350W

Wheels: 10in pneumatic tires

If the design of the Descent One Max is familiar, you may have seen its post-mounted battery design used by many e-scooter rental services.

It is a robust and high-performance ride built for reliability and comfort, with a hard-working motor that boldly tackles steep slopes.  It rolls on a pair of cushioned, 10in pneumatic tires that are ideal for zooming in on bumps and cracks and have car-like valves that are easy to repair.  Removable battery means you can keep the fully charged one (sold separately) for use when recharging your depleted battery.

It is a high quality electric scooter.

Buy Now ยฃ 449.00, Currys.co.uk

Segway Ninebot Maximum G30E II

Best: Long-range

Rating: 7/10

Weight: 19.1kg

Range: 40 miles

Charging time: 6 hours

Power: 350W

Wheels: 10in pneumatic tires

The Segway Ninebot Max G30E II is an electric scooter that is designed to go as far as possible at a single charge and is designed to withstand even the toughest riding conditions.  This premium model introduces life comfort, such as soft tires for a more comfortable suspension, and a bright, full-color LED display that shows speed, ride settings and battery levels.

The best 40-mile range is that you can drive it farther than any other scooter on our list, but it comes at the expense of the scooter’s portability.  Low-torque pavement mode helps you when walking with a scooter, but lugging this 19kg lug on the stairs will keep the piano moving.

Buy Now ยฃ 729.00, Halfords.com

How do we check

A big part of why electric scooters still occupy the legal gray area is simple control.  You can easily find cheap and poor-quality electric scooters online that never pass basic safety checks and are dangerous to ride.  That is why the e-scooters on our list are the models we tested from brands we know and trust, so you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

We’ve tested the eight best electric scooters on the market, each considering the range, comfort, portability and safety.  Keep in mind that the grades listed below are given by the manufacturer and measured under ideal conditions.  Things like hills, rider weight, your speed and weather conditions can make a big dent in the actual range.

As a rule of thumb, you want a scooter that has a fixed range at least twice the distance you intend to ride on a regular basis.  This will give you ample breathing room and ensure that you are not likely to get stuck halfway to your destination.


Electric scooters For unbeatable all-round performance, superior build quality and affordable prices, our best electric scooter option is Pure Air.  However, riders who have extra weight or want a spicier performance should consider the Pure Air Pro.

If your main priority is portability and simplicity, the stylish and lightweight Xiaomi Mi 1S is the electric scooter for you.

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