Here’s What People Are Saying About Zero FXE.

Zero FXE was launched as a new electric motorcycle model, The FXE may look futuristic, but today’s commuters want it on the electric motorcycle.

 Zero certainly does not rest on its laurels as a major electric motorcycle maker.  However, the last few launches of the new models are targeting a more premium end of the market with SR / F and SR / S electric motorcycles.  Zero has now launched a new model targeting the entry-level end of its catalog with Zero FXE.

ย Zero FXE is built on the same frame as the Zero FX and FXS, but has a completely new look thanks to its redesigned body.

 Inspired by the electric motorcycle of the Zero Futuristic concept developed with the giant design firm a few years ago, the Zero FXE is surprisingly true to the original concept.

 Built on the FX platform, it has the same 34 kW (46 hp) motor and 160 km (100 miles) city range.  Thatโ€™s enough for any city traveler out there.

 And now the new FXE delivers those specs in a more elegant-looking package and with the new embedded technology, FXS’s Dirt Bike-esque look for its own futuristic flair.


Zero has an control to continue to innovate in Electric Powersports as it is the defining brand in the category. Our leadership position comes with the responsibility of enhancing the look and function of a modern motorcycle and illuminating the excitement of riders in a whole new way.

ย Here’s What People Are Saying About Future Today\\\\\\\’s Commuter Bike.

 The bike weighs only 135 kg (298 lb), which is half the weight of large electric motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire ONE.  And considering both are designed for urban riders, half-weight (and half of the $ 11,795 price) electric bikes definitely arouse the interest of many commuter-style riders looking for a clean, low-performance electric motorcycle.  Lots of energy beneath it.

 The 34 kW (46 hp) motor is amazingly zippy.  I admit that 34 kW may not sound like much, but with such a lightweight motorcycle, it sends you flying with a totally wrist twist.  Even when I was flying on mountain roads, I never felt the need for more energy.  Electric motorcycles, despite the common misconception of “silence”, offer a lucrative electric win while turning the motor.  It may not be loud, but it still makes for an exciting auditory experience.  And this is an experience you can enjoy yourself instead of sharing it with the whole block, setting up car alarms and alerting children to sleeping in your wake.

 The new Zero FXE may look more like a body swap on an existing FX platform – and it is one of a kind – but there are more.  It also receives most of the technology designed for Zero’s flagship SR / F and SR / S bikes.  The identical-looking 5 โ€ณ TFT display replaces the dated FX LCD display and provides a more vivid and detailed user interface.  The bike’s phone also runs Zero’s Cipher II operating system, which includes Bluetooth connectivity to match ride parameters such as power, torque and top speed.  If you want to allow your friend to try a bike, you can whip up your phone and set the settings so he doesn’t get himself into too much trouble.  You can also choose other options, such as long-term storage mode, through the app.

 With a 7.2 kWh battery pack, the FXE has a range of 160 km (100 miles) in the city.  The bike can reach speeds of 136 km / h (85 mph) and at such a high speed the range is understandably slower.  At about 100 km / h (62 mph), the range is close to half of the city’s statistics.

 If you’re searching for an electric touring bike, this isn’t it.  But if youโ€™re looking for urban travelers, FXE is pretty much perfect.  I rode the FXS with the same battery and motor for several months and found that I could avoid charging once or twice a week when I used it as a Boston runabout.  Electric motorcycles with small batteries designed for urban use comprise a growing class, and FXE is certainly one of the most current offerings in that category in the US.

 At $ 11,795, the bike certainly costs a premium over its gas-powered rivals.  I would love to see Zero enter the 125cc-equivalent market with a lightweight electric motorcycle designed for urban use – it doesn’t have to go fast and can lower the price.  But the ability to take the highways and ride in the left lane is still undeniably nice.  And while not as lightweight as I expected in the new Zero FXE wallet, it does perform incredibly well and looks better than it does.

ย This is a beautifully styled and impressively equipped upgrade to the FX-Line and I’d be happy to see it any day of the week.ย  Moreover, it is every day of the week.

2022 Zero FXE Specifications

  Battery: 7.2 kWh (maximum capacity) lithium-ion integrated battery

  Charging time: 100% w / standard 110V or 220V input from 9.2 hours

  Type of Charger: 650W Integrated

  Motor type: Air-cooled, brushless, fixed magnet motor

  Transmission: Clutchless Direct Drive

  Final Drive: 90T / 18T Belt

  Wheelbase: 56 inches.

  Rack / Trail: 24.4 degrees / 2.8 inches.

  Seat height: 32.9 inches.

  Claimed Curb Weight: 299 lbs.

  Fuel consumption: 373 eMPG (right)

  Maximum range: 60 miles highway, 100 miles city, 75 miles combined

Declared Peak Power: 46 hp @ 3,500 rpm

Declared peak torque: 78 lb.-ft

  Highest speed: 85 mph

  Transmission: Clutchless Direct Drive

  Final Drive: Carbon Belt

  Frame: Steel Trellis

  Front Suspension: 41mm Inverted Showa Fork, Spring Preload, Compression and Rebound Damping Adjustment;  7.0 inch travel

  Rear Suspension: Showa 40mm Piston Monoshock, Spring Preload, Compression and Rebound Damping Adjustment;  8.9 inch travel

  Front Brake: 1-Piston J. Juan Floating Caliper, 320mm Disc w / Bosch Gen 9 ABS

  Rear Brake: 1-Piston J. Juan Floating Caliper, 240mm Disc w / Bosch Gen 9 ABS

  Wheels, front / rear: cast alloy;  (17 x 3 in.  / 17 x 3.5 in.)

  Tires, front / rear: PirelliDiablo Rosso II;  (110 /  70-17 / 140 / 70-17)

Rake / trail: 24.4 ยฐ / 2.8 inch.

Wheelbase: 56.0 inches

Seat height: 32.9 inches

  Gear Bag:

Helmet: Shoei NeoTec

Jacket: RevIT!  Tornado

Gloves: Icon Pursuit

Pants: Cortech Malibu Chino

Shoes: Harley Davidson Steinman Riding Shoes

Original Price (MSRP): $ 11,795 (excluding electric vehicle discounts and credits)

Website: zeromotorcycles.com

Standard Warranty: 2 years

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