Biktrix XD 300 Nm Unveiled as Powerful Electric Bike Motor.

Canadian electric bike company Biktrix has never shied away from high-powered motors.  Many of the brand’s e-bikes are among the most powerful mid-drive e-bike motors on the market: the Bafang M620 Ultra Motor.  I say “used” because it is now out of Biktrix’s own internally developed Biktrix XD motor, and the new motor solves all the major problems we’ve seen with such high-power mid-drives.

Biktrix XD 300 Nm

High power electric bicycles are a blast because they allow for a new kind of ride that was not possible before.  The steep hills were difficult to climb on foot and suddenly the bike climbed.

But the problem with high-power mid-drive motors in e-bikes is that they tend to destroy bikes traditionally, or more specifically, bicycle chains and rear gear that were never designed for those loads.

A healthy mountain-biker can save hundreds of watts per hour.  High-powered mid-drive motors like the infamous Bafang M620 Ultra can save 1,000W for days and are usually close to 1,500W.  It is a recipe for breaking the chains and tearing out the teeth of the gears.

XD motor

So when Biktrix went on to design its XD motor much more powerful, they decided to turn the script around and eliminate the bicycle drivetrain altogether – or at Least upload a 2nd extra effective one subsequent to it.

Instead of transferring the power of the motor through existing bike chains and gears, the Biktrix XD adds a second output from the motor unit on the opposite side of the bike.

Conventional bike chain

The conventional bike chain is on the right side of the e-bike and transfers human input to the rear wheel.  The motor’s output moves through a left-sided sprocket and a motorcycle-style chain to a second independent power transmission system.

Result: Manpower stays on equipment designed for humans, and motorcycle energy goes through more dense components.  Below is a comparison between the bicycle chain / gears and the XD’s motorcycle-level second drivetrain.

Chains and sprockets are much thicker, specifically designed to maintain this level of energy.

The Biktrix XD motor is not just designed in Canada, it is also built there.  The team prides itself on local production as shared by Bixtrix founder and CEO Roshan Thomas:

I am proud of my team’s determined efforts to bring this project to life.  We are constantly working to bring production back to North America.

The powerful XD claims “2,000+ watts”, and I imagine the plus sign is doing some weightlifting as the motor seems to have a higher peak power level.

To keep up with the Bafang M620, the Biktrix team placed the new Biktrix XD motor in a drag race against the M620,

Spoiler alert: The previously impressive M620 looks like Grandma’s groceries compared to the Biktrix XD.

And while you’re watching the video, stick to 1:32 for a truly impressive performance of the Biktrix XD Motor’s climbing power.  The motor is so powerful that it can practically climb the wall if the bike’s tires are stuck enough.

As an even more ridiculous demonstration of the durability and power of the system, Bxtrix has also shown pulling a highway-range camper trailer.  Usually the work required by a pickup truck is handled by an electric bicycle.  Let it sink.

Coming soon on Juggernaut XD

Equipped with the XD motor, the Biktrix Juggernaut XD is capable of “50+ km / h” speed (31+ mph), and once again, that plus sign hides a large number.  The motor comes with internal waterproof and waterproof connectors, and is surrounded by bash guards to prevent direct hits when operating in rough terrain.


The motor core is also modular to facilitate service, when needed.  The Juggernaut XD features two frame sizes with an inverted front air-shock suspension fork.  The 10-speed shifter comes standard and riders are able to choose between the right half-twist throttle or the left thumb throttle.  Both the 48V and 52V battery options are available in capacities up to 25 Ah or approximately 1,300 Wh.


Coming out this summer, it’s priced at US $ 5,999, with an early-bird price of $ 4,999 for those who book a $ 50 reservation.

“But why not buy a motorcycle?”

The Juggernaut XD is undoubtedly an impressive piece of machinery.

Power and torque keep it light motorcycle-level and the e-bike’s ability to provide dirt bike-like performance.

With such high-powered electric bicycles, “Why not just buy a motorcycle?”  I often hear people say that.  And when I understand the confusion, those people are missing the point.  The highlight of these types of e-bikes is that they are not just about speeding up, speeding up, or climbing peaks you can’t climb past.  For they provide a cycling experience.  You really get to experience pedaling, the result is more powerful.  Think of it as a mech suit for your feet.

It said to the Wingsuit Flyer, “Why don’t you just buy a plane ticket?”  That’s like asking.  The point is not to go up high or fast in the sky – to feel like you are flying.  And with high-powered e-bikes, it’s a cycling experience, but with more extreme performance.  Sitting on a 250 pound dirt bike is not the same as pedaling a 100 pound e-bike on a huge mountain.

And believe it or not, when using Pedal Assist mode you get even better exercise from 1,000+ watt e-bikes.  Sure, the bike goes a lot faster as the motor emits more power, but your legs are still pumping harder.  If you try, you can get the same exercise as a 2,000W e-bike on a 250W e-bike.  The only difference is that you personally add a couple hundred watts of power, which means you’re traveling at 450W in the first and 2,200W in the second.  Which sounds more fun?

In fact, this kind of energy is not for bike lane travel or typical mountain bike trails.  There are some serious responsibilities involved with operating this type of machine.

We hope to learn more about this new motor technology before the upcoming Juggernaut XD release.

Until then, let us hear your thoughts on Biktrix pushing the envelope with new energy levels.  Sound off in the comments section below!

The beginning of the launch video Biktrix XD 300 Nm

Sources via MicahToll / Biktrix XD 300 Nm

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