C.B.T. Italy New Urban E-Bike UB77 Analysis

Carbon Frame UB77 Italia C.B.T Electric bike 

Lightweight carbon frame, well-concealed electric motor and smart software that adjusts power to your pulse. 

E-bikes can be heavy, but they have a motor.  This is not so easy in the case of the UB77 that C.B.T Italia wants to show.  Behind the mysterious name, Italian bike manufacturers specialize in racing bikes and sports e-bikes. 

Trial Bike by UB77 Italia C.B.T

The UB77 should be a daily sports bike, especially for travelers who like to sweat without work.  The included fitness tracker also aims to monitor heart rate support measured from the motor.  Discover how UB77 works in everyday life and on vacation.


( C.B.T.  Italy has wisely installed a 378 Wh battery in the Down Tube.  It fits the shape, but is invisible. )

Equipment and Appearance – High handles with good carbon racing bike

The frame is an integral part of the fitness and urban bike.  If you leave the handle on, you can adjust the height of the trunk with a slim racing bike in front of you to ensure a comfortable seat position.  Some stickers that change color depending on the tone of the light set. 

The frame itself is painted black, but at several points the use of clear lacquer underscores the carbon structure.  With Shimano PDS clipless pedals (not included), we recorded a total weight of 14.3 kilograms, including the motor, battery and all the trimming.

 (In some places the color has a nice texture.  C.B.T.  Italy makes its own carbon laws.)

The battery is U-shaped and weighs just 2.24 kg in the down tube.  The cells are partly from Samsung and partly from Panasonic, which was developed by CBT for system and battery management.  Although the Italia battery is well positioned against the frame, the various colors and colorless stickers do not accommodate it.  Its capacity is said in 378 Wh.


Brakes Shimano Sora Disc 180mm

Battery 378 Wh

Battery weight: 2.24 kg

Gears Shimano Alpine 1×9

Maximum torque 25 Nm

Motor output 250 W

Total weight (with pedals) 14.three kg

( The battery contains Samsung or Panasonic cells and weighs just 2.24 kilograms.)

Shimano Components

The UB77 comes with solid Shimano equipment, gearshift and braking units of a combination of sora and alpine groups.  The gearshifts are nice and smooth, and the shock moments when the brakes donโ€™t bite.  We want the mounting areas to have daily mudguards, but the CBT has at least one luggage rack.  Limit of accessories. 

It also offers the option of inserting two bottle holders into the bike frame (i.e. battery).  The wires and cables are placed inside the frame and all connections between the motor and the battery are IP65 certified.

(The brake and gearshift units come with the Shimano and are solid for everyday use.)

Smart Features – CBT  Meets the fitness supervisor

Here are the UB77 slopes.  One of the special features of the bike is the paired fitness tracker, which is also included in the delivery.  In theory, the concept is good and simple: set the heart rate to the maximum you want and the bike / motor will support it – not just at the beginning, but throughout the entire ride.

The effect is mixed: during a leisure trip with the city and a less selective pulse range, the UB77 allows for a more comfortable ride and allows the rider to arrive without sweat.  Test Ride 2 – with sporty aspirations – started with a huge rise to the top of the pass and set the pulse limit higher.  Note that the bikeโ€™s gear ratios are only comfortable as long as the motor is working – which is not always the case. 

 ( The fitness tracker involved is disappointing.  Functionality, performance and translation are low.)

By the time support starts, the rider is already tired.  So you pull out your smartphone, reset the gateway and pause until the next bend, nothing happens and the smartphone comes out again (and the average time for the pulse to slow down).  After a few attempts, the process stopped and the steps were selected manually, which always works properly.  For use in a city such as travel, the functionality remains the same. 

After a while, however, the Sport Riding, automatic pulse system was canceled and replaced with a manual one.  The disappointing feature is that if automatic pulse mode is enabled, it cannot be adjusted by the buttons on the rider.  In general, the software can use some subtleties.

This application is currently available for Android smartphones and is only available in Italian.  C.P.D.  While the software is available on iOS and in English, French, Spanish and German, Italia promises an update.  Thanks to the instructions and detailed video attached to the website, the link also works in the Italian language setting.  Once integrated with the smartphone, it acts as an extension to the display.  As proven in “C.B.T. Italia App” image – one-of-a-kind values โ€‹โ€‹may be observed in 3 show areas, consisting of motor support (in percent), pace and coronary heart rate.

( In the mountains, the UB77 is a lot of fun, but the automatic pulse mode has reached its limit.)

Includes fitness tracker

The second problem is the fitness tracker, which is the quality of the bike below.  The main points of criticism are demonstration and activity.  Although the tracker can still be read indoors, it is almost impossible to go outside – it comes in handy. 

Menu functions can scroll the item in one direction by pressing the touch-sensitive space.  Long-term stress will give you the option to take or confirm the submenu, which is hard and does not feel like the future.  In addition to heart rate, the tracker aims to measure blood pressure and sleep quality, but also measures other test instruments compared to large deviations. 

Also, the translation of the software is poor, at least in German.  The real awful thing is that it only comes with a fitness tracker that includes changing the pulse values โ€‹โ€‹of the e-bike and many more settings.  The option to use your own smartwatch to dress somehow in everyday life is a real added value.

(C.B.T.  Italia Apps is currently available for Android and is only available in Italy, both of which will change in May 2022.)

The bike display is fitted with a handle bar with two screws and tools without removing it.  It operates the unit on the handlebars and displays the current speed, battery level (with five bars), time, selected support level and support power in watts.  With the control unit you can click on maximum speed, total mileage, travel mileage and travel time.  Both bars show the current speed and the assistance provided by the motor. 

The display has two levels of brightness, which are automatically selected and adjusted manually.  If you are in full sun, the system will not be bright enough to read all the information.

(The display has two brightness levels.  However, in bright sunlight, it reflects strongly and is not bright enough.)

   On the other hand, the display on the USB output is practical;  It can be used as a charging board for a smartphone on the handlebars.  The bike battery must always be removed for charging – it is not possible to charge while installed.  A small three-pin phoenix link is used here.


(The battery needs to be removed to charge and the Phoenix connector is very sensitive.)

 Ride Impression – The UB77 comes with a regular bike

The UB77 rides differently than most e-bikes on the market, mainly due to its weight.  Big bumps along the way?  Jump on it!  Return?  Move the rear wheel with the pedal on your foot.  Stairs?  Ride the bike quickly over your shoulders on the stairs. 

The test bike works more like a standard road bike than a standard e-bike.  The rear wheel motor is also surprisingly quiet, so permanent noise does not bother the ears.  The Italians have succeeded in ensuring a smooth transition between motor assistance levels at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. 

(Tracker is a set of Runmifit application that stores data.  Unable to connect to Google Fit.)

The motor does not cut back, or there are no sudden psoriasis when pedaling: the change is usually completely unnoticed.  It was so much fun, it meant the selector didnโ€™t have to worry about limits, but could focus on pedaling or cycling.

The motor that starts late is getting a little accustomed.  Crank takes a complete turn and kicks for help.  Rapid speed is not enough to climb or ascend a steep area;  Depending on the consistency of the structure. 

  (Cycle tour data is very low, route not recorded.)

In turn, it rewards with equally balanced power output.  Only tight curves or ridges may indicate some system delay.  For example, in Harbin curves, the wheel will continue to push for one second, even if the pedaling is already stopped.  However, after a few curves, you get used to it.

UB77 suggests greater security

The ride is very stable and exhibits excellent safety.  This means there is no problem in dropping fast.  The UB77 rides like a well-trained rider with a good racing bike, For amateurs who ride a bike. 

(   UB77 was not saved during the test.  The mounted Zafiro tires are also sturdy and have amazing grip reserves on ice residues.)

The 9-speed gearshift of the gear ratio is an active support with sufficiently steep mounts.  On even or sloping tracks, the gear ratio is sufficient to avoid floating at 40 km / h.  Mounted Zafiro Pro IV tires provide an amazing amount of grip even on wet roads or snow. 

Unfortunately, the rear wheel of the frame is too narrow, thus severely restricting tire width.  This is a bike ride that will excite you on the wild trail.  However, standard cyclogross tires do not comply with the law.

(  Thanks to the power support, the mountain steps cause little trouble.  However, the heart rate monitor is best left on and the controls are set manually.)

   The UB77 limit is fixed.  During the 50 km journey, the battery indicator fell two kilometers beyond the finish line.  However, the smartphone usage battery indicator on the display is different.  In addition, the test on performance is erratic: the bars only disappear after a while and last for several kilometers at a time, which does not inspire confidence.


( Unfortunately, the law allows for less space for wider tires.  We predict that the UB77 will perform similarly to the Cyclogross bike.)

We are saying- The best everyday bike with software capabilities

Aimed at a combination of UB77 fitness and urban bikes, it succeeds.  The e-motor facilitates travel and ensures sweat-free rides.  Low weight will take away anxiety from short breaks and stairs.  At the same time, riding a bike in your spare time is fun.  Distance spacing does not cause problems, nor does speeding.  Here, the gentle help provided by the motor ensures that it is a lot of fun, and at high speeds, you will forget that the motor is there.

The bike absorbs maximum loads especially on the mounts, thus ensuring good, sober rides.  Thanks to the long battery range, the ride is again without pressure.

With the current fitness supervisor, C.P.D.  Italy is destroying capacity.  The idea is good, but its implementation is small.  The app can definitely be upgraded, but the tracker has issues with the hardware side.  In addition, no software updates are planned for the bike.

  (Tracker can show messages and remind you to drink a glass of water.)

Price and availability

The C.B.T Italia UB77 costs, 4,535 and is currently only available in Italy.  Shipping to outsiders is possible online.

Can the bike be afforded by ordinary people in Italy or any other part of the European country?

Does C.B.T’s UB77 Italia put a smile on your face or soothe your excitement?

Sources :cbtitalia

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