Saudi prince MBS buys Megayacht ‘Serene’ worth $ 400 million with Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mandi” painting

Saudi Prince MBS bought the $ 400 million Megayacht from the Russian oligarch and promptly expelled him.  The 439-foot-long ship has two helipads, a submarine and a nightclub.  Royal has hung a $ 450M painting on it.

  Megayacht “SERENE” – Exterior long view

Megayacht “SERENE”

  • The 134-metre Serene yacht has been spotted in the south of France
  • It is said that the prince Mohammed bin Salman bought it on the spot
  • He left Russian owner Yuri Scheffler the day he bought it
  • The yacht has a nightclub, health spa, multiple swimming pools and a movie theatre

The $ 400 million superyacht serene, initially chartered by Russian oligarch Yuri Scheffler, and later by Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Bill Gates, is a masterpiece.  Traditional names are attached to the ship, but not the owners who make this ship.  Instead, the full glory of Goliath is complemented by the height of its owner.

  Megayacht “SERENE” beautiful interior

According to Forbes, Serenity is the first superyacht built by Italy’s Fincantieri Yard and once featured on the world’s three largest yachts.  At 439 feet, it fell behind Roman Abramovich’s 550-foot-long Eclipse and steel tycoon Viktor Rashikov’s 459-foot ocean triumph.  Letโ€™s take a closer look at how it charmed the Saudi prince with the charm and allure of a serene superyacht:

  Megayacht “SERENE” – Charterworld

  Wonderful serene yacht:

Serene is owned by Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

The Deputy Crown Prince may not be the world’s largest yacht.  When it comes to an endless list of significant features and amenities, Serenity is a tough ship to beat.  With a massive beam of 60 feet, the ship has seven decks and 4,500 square metres of interior space designed by Raymond Langton of Pascale Raymond.

  Megayacht “SERENE” – exterior close view

Made in 2011 features a serine steel hull and an aluminium superstructure.  Its USP has many amenities and luxuries that are difficult to find.  This factor has attracted the world’s wealthy.  Paul Ashton, editor of Superatch World, said: ‘The interior is a closely guarded secret, often like most private yachts at the top.  But this is the work of Raymond Langton, who is one of the most specialised design teams in the world, so it is breathtaking.

  Megayacht “SERENE” – Luxury bedroom

He added, ‘Such a yacht is not really like anything else – the company or the football club and the property to make money – the big yacht only costs money.’  The money side of the cost is as accurate as it comes.  With the gigantic inner ocean water pool, and if that’s not enough, turn one of the two helipads into another pool or dance floor.

  Megayacht “SERENE” – Helipad

The sumptuous owner’s suite is a magnificent double cabin with a private swimming platform and private lift.  Additionally, 12 stylish cabins can accommodate 24 guests, who can hop on a cruise submarine to explore the world below.  As you learn more about onboard amenities, more serenity seems like the perfect yacht for a family to charter.

  Megayacht “SERENE” – Drawing Room

There is much to do with the extraordinary snow room, the many children’s playrooms, the climbing wall between the decks and the exciting underwater observation room.

  Megayacht “SERENE” – Drawing Room

Adults also enjoy the classic in outdoor cinema, while music and conversations take place in the piano room and bar.  The Wellness and Beauty Centre is a great place, equipped with spas, hammams and more for relaxation and relaxation.  The award-winning serenity showcases a private beach club with a sunny bathing area.

Megayacht “SERENE” – ‘Jacuzzis’.

There are also two jacuzzis, The Jacuzzi is a custom-made hot tub.  It does not have a specific structure. It’s a large tub filled with water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure.  Some have powerful jets for massage purposes.  Hot tubs are sometimes also known by the trade name “Spas” or Jacuzzi.

And a sundeck dance floor. Most fall into the ship’s observation deck, a fully stocked wet bar with extra sun loungers.

A yacht that has everything is not complete without a full collection of tenders and toys.  Bill Gates, one of the richest people globally, could not resist its charms and in 2014 chartered a quiet supernatural for an estimated $ 5 million a week. The family enjoyed a week together on a yacht just off the coast of Puerto Cervo.  , Sardinia.

  Mohammed bin Salman

Prince Mohammed bin Salman owns Serene Motor Yacht:

Speaking of serene charm, the Saudi prince was taken from this magnificent megayacht, who immediately pulled the $ 400 million yacht off the Russian oligarch owner.  While vacationing in the south of France, the Saudi prince enhanced the sense of holiday shopping once he spotted this luxury yacht and wasted no time in acquiring it

  Megayacht “SERENE” – swimming pool

  According to the New York Times, he sent aides to buy the ship, and the deal was made within hours, with Mr Yuri Scheffler leaving the yacht the same day. Billionaire tycoon Yuri Scheffler is the owner of SPI Group, an international consortium that sells alcohol in over 160 countries, most notably the Stolichnaya Vodka brand.  By March 2022, their net worth is estimated to be $ 1.5 billion.

  Salvator Mundy

The home of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi:

According to CNBC, Mohammed bin Salman has a family net worth of more than $ 1 trillion.  They are expected to have a lavish superyacht that will give the palaces and the race for their money.  But the brightness far exceeds that of the ship and her immense comforts.  The world’s most expensive painting, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, can be found in Serene, which was purchased in 2017 for about half a billion dollars (which is more expensive than a yacht).

Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi:

For a long time, the whereabouts of this Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece was a mystery.  According to Al Jazeera, it was reported that Mohammed bin Salman had brought the painting and hung it on the wall of the cabin in a serene superyacht.  Both purchases together amount to $ 1 billion.  A painting intended to adorn the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi has never been shown at scheduled events.  This leaves people distracted and wondering where the expensive painting is.  All except one

You may be wondering how Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundy” got here, the world’s most expensive painting. That’s up to their own guesses..

Can you tell me how this painting got here?

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