AS FACTORY SUPERMOTOS go, you may do lots worse than the KTM 690 SMC R. Featuring a seventy two hp unmarried packed right into a taut 324 lbs package deal with sharp handling, itโ€™s a motorcycle made for unadulterated hooliganism.

The proprietor of this precise 2019-version 690 supermoto cherished maximum matters approximately, keep for one massive gripe: it contains greater plastic than a Tupperware salesperson. So he added it to the daddy and son crew of Michael and Allen Posenauer, at AMP Motorcycles in Offenbach, Germany. Their project became to individualise it with the aid of ditching all of the plastic bits, without sacrificing an iota of readability.

Weโ€™ve had a near eye at the Posenauers on the grounds that they broke onto the scene. Building custom motorcycles commenced out as an interest for themโ€”an excuse to spend time together. But phrases quickly spread, and they ultimately commenced taking over commissioned work.

They actually have a love for flat-music racing, and a penchant for constructing pared-back, functional machines. So the shorts in this KTM became proper up their alley.

That doesnโ€™t suggest that the process wasnโ€™t without its demanding situations though. The SMCโ€™s plastic-ness is greater than simply pores and skin deepโ€”strip the moto motorcycle down, and youโ€™ll discover a plastic under-seat gas tank that still doubles as a subframe.

AMP needed to do greater than a conventional cut-and-close to get the appearance their patron became after. First, they designed a bolt-on metal subframe that contains over the sporty aesthetic of the trellised front half. Then got here the certainly difficult partโ€”fabricating an aluminium gas tank to aspect it.

They pulled it off handedly, even as additionally handling to house the OEM gas pump and stage sensor. And they managed to maintain one little piece of plasticโ€”the authentic KTM filler cap. Take a more in-depth appearance, and youโ€™ll observe that the cap, rear loop and reservoir all observe the identical triangular form.

Next, AMP formed a handful of aluminium blank-off plates to cover the 690โ€™s innards.

Itโ€™s an asymmetrical set; the exhaust aspect functions smaller portions tucked into the subframe gaps, even as the proper aspect wears one massive racing variety plate. The front โ€˜wingsโ€™ and radiator covers are cut up at the left, and incorporated at the proper.

That variety board isnโ€™t only for display either. The motormotorcycleโ€™s proprietor likes taking the occasional moto motorcycle trip, so it pops off to expose a mounting body for an aspect bag.

Up the front is a boxy headlight nacelle that doubles up as a housing for the dashboard. A Highsider LED pokes out the front, with the inventory 690 speedo incorporated up top. AMP took this attention one step further, and additionally transferred the authentic LED caution lighting fixtures to the brand new cockpit.

Just at the back of the sprint sits the authentic bars and switches, matched to new hand guards, CNC-machined controls and Vans grips. The flip signals (established to the edges of the headlight board) and bar-quit mirrors are from Motogadget. A stealthy telephone mount sits down, simply aft of the bars.

The flat music effect is apparent hereโ€”however AMP didnโ€™t need to move all-in on it, for worry of dropping the 690โ€™s active setup. So they kept the inventory suspension, wheels and brakes. Even the seat is the identical top and period as before, notwithstanding its obvious heft.

Remove it, and youโ€™ll observe that the aspect sections arenโ€™t completely padded. AMP designed them to wrap across the KTMโ€™s inventory air box; the patron asked that they be upholstered in place of blacked-out.

Other enhancements consist of an Arrow muffler and a burly sump guard, and a smorgasbord of carbon trim bits. The front fender and its mounting bracket are custom, as is the rear-established registration code bracket, which additionally wears a couple of Motogadget taillight and flip sign combination LEDs.

AMPโ€™s patron nicknamed the motor motorcycle โ€˜Marshall,โ€™ which possibly owes for why the shadeation scheme is paying homage to an antique guitar amplifier. The bodyโ€™s been completed in Porscheโ€™s Cognac Metallic paint, with the seat blanketed to match. A really appropriate use of black powder coating drives the factor home.

Custom KTM 690 SMC R supermoto with the aid of using AMP Motorcycles

The line among supermotos and flat trackers could be very fine, and this functional device straddles it well. It reportedly rides right because it seems to, which makes our hearts happy.

Weโ€™re already visualising the roads weโ€™d like to unharness this indignant beastie on.

AMP Motorcycles | Instagram | Images with the aid of using (and with thank you to) Marc Holstein and Christine Gabler

sources KTM (reference image)

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