HittRoad electric powered bike overview: I took this ultra-low priced e-bike off-roading

Hittroad safari

HittRoad is one in all numerous low-price electric powered bicycles presently racking up income at the market. The proper factor approximately those $six hundred-$seven hundred e-bikes is they assist deliver the amusing and healthy elements of electrical bikes to clients who canโ€™t find the money for fashions costing numerous instances those prices. But preserving the universe in stability is the terrible side, that is that the bikesโ€™ high-satisfaction generally suffers at that charge point.

So I took HittRoadโ€™s Safari mountain bike-ish e-bike to my nearby trails to take a look at the single tune. Hereโ€™s the way it did.

Letโ€™s be honest, for $760 (or $609 whilst clipping the on-web page Amazon coupon), the HittRoad is in no way going to evaluate to a higher-greenback electric powered bike.

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But a typical call aside, it in reality has a few first rate specifications for the charge, at the least in case your goal is to apply it as a leisure e-bike.

This path isn’t always going to address jumps or the forces exerted on a standard downhill mountain bike path. This is for leisurely rides in your nearby nature trails or parks. Think seaside path, now no longer black diamond (or black trail, because the case can be in downhill driving).

But in case you hold in its element, as I did, I assume youโ€™ll discover that the bike can in reality carry out nicely thinking about its modest charge point, then hold analysing for the specifications and experience.

HittRoad Safari e-bike tech specifications

Motor: 350W rear hub motor

Top velocity: 32 km/h (20 mph)

Range: 32-fifty four km (20-forty mi)

Battery: 36V 10.4Ah (375 Wh)

Frame: Aluminium

Tires: 26โ€ณ x 1.95โ€ณ

Suspension: Front spring fork

Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes

Extras: LED show with speedometer, battery gauge, PAS degree indicator, throttle/pedal help operation, kickstand, blanketed plastic fenders, 21 gears

Built for (mild) trails

The HittRoad Safari is one of these electric powered โ€œmountain bikes’ ‘that is slightly in mountain bike territory. Yes, it was given the fundamental geometry and barely knobby tires, however that is greater of a dual-motive hybrid bike. Most folks that get it’ll spend greater time withinside the bike lane than at the trails. It even comes with commuter-prepared fenders (even though the front fender became so reasonably-priced and floppy that I didnโ€™t even have trouble putting it in).

But any bike can experience pavement. I desired to peer what this one may want to do with the inside of the dirt.

And in spite of the low charge, I became fairly optimistic. The tires arenโ€™t fancy however they have nice grip for mild trails. The suspension fork didnโ€™t experience like I may want to spoil it over my knee (a convincing endorsement, I know โ€“ however thatโ€™s now no longer continually the case).

The disc brakes arenโ€™t branded, however they appear to paintings simply nice. And you actually have 21 speeds, that is round 14 greater than I experience is necessary, however I bet the ones in hilly regions would possibly recognize the granular tools choice.

I took the bike to my nearby parks and single tune to see what it would do. And whilst the acceleration off the road wasnโ€™t peppy with the handiest 500W of top energy from the 50 Nm Bafang motor, it became sufficient to experience like I was getting a very good boost. Itโ€™s no rocket, however it does the job.

Where the bike amazed me became how nimble it became on a single tune. It wasnโ€™t pretty as responsive as higher mountain bikes, however rattling if it didnโ€™t preserve its own. I may want to wiggle through the serpentines and preserve a 1/2 of first rate line at the HittRoad Safari to a higher diploma than I expected.

Now donโ€™t get over excited here. It wasnโ€™t perfect. The easy spring suspension leaves plenty to be desired, however for especially flat trails it became simply nice. Gravel roads have been additionally pretty comfortable, with the 1.95โ€ณ tires and the spring fork running collectively to do what my inflexible gravel bikes canโ€™t โ€“ soak up the hard avenue and gravel shock.

The variety is in reality modest as nicely, at the least whilst Iโ€™m assisting the pedal. Iโ€™m now no longer pronouncing youโ€™re going to get the forty miles that the organisation claims, however the medium energy degree of the bike and confined pinnacle velocity of 20 mph method it canโ€™t pull an excessive amount of energy at once, assisting that 375 Wh battery final longer.

HittRoad says it became capable of getting a real-international forty-mile (sixty four km) variety whilst driving the bike in pedal help degree 2 at nine mph (14.five km/h) with a a hundred sixty five lb. rider (seventy five kg). That can be reasonable, however I wasnโ€™t able to experience that bike that slowly for 4 and a 1/2 of hours instantly.

Instead, do not forget that complete throttle variety without pedalling is possibly withinside the 18-ish mile (30 km) ballpark, and pedal help will stretch it out farther than that.

The battery is lockable and detachable for charging both on or off of the bike, and HittRoad even consists of an effective 4A charger (in comparison to the everyday 2A charger that includes maximum low-fee e-bikes). That speedy charger recharges the battery in around 3 hours, which is faster than maximum e-bikes at the market. If you handiest use round 1/2 of the battery on an experience, a one- to two-hour recharge is possible.

The relaxation of the elements are of in addition first rate high-satisfactory. Nothing fancy, however quite darn first rate. The LED show at the handlebars is big and smooth to read. The brakes are painted nicely although they arenโ€™t branded. The saddle is in reality decently comfortable. And you even get an adjustable stem to dial withinside the handlebar top and perspective to suit your frame type.

Youโ€™ll word this overview is complete of phrases like โ€œmodestโ€ and โ€œfirst rate.โ€ Iโ€™m used to reviewing electric powered bikes that cost 2-3x this much, at a minimum. And so I canโ€™t say that the HittRoad Safari works as well or is constructed in addition to the e-bikes. But I can say that Iโ€™m amazed that it didnโ€™t experience a few different reasonably-priced $six hundred Amazon e-bikes weโ€™ve tried.

I could actually advise this e-bike to a person who desired an extensive electric powered bike with mountain bike styling. Itโ€™s now no longer going to take you off any candy jumps, however it appears like it’ll take you through modest trails all day long, and is greater than sufficient to address a city commute (even though youโ€™ll possibly need to feature a few reasonably-priced LED lighting first).

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