For The Age Of Electric Vehicles Fleet, Delhi Is TheFirst State With A Cab Aggregator Policy,

The conversion of electric vehicles into Ride Aggregators was first discussed by the Delhi government.

  For the age of electric vehicles fleet, Delhi is the first state with a cab aggregator policy,

Various industry leaders and managers participated in round table consultations,

  All vehicles in the fleet must not be older than eight years from the registration date,

  80 industry leaders engaged in the debate and shared their feedback

  To facilitate the discussion of the Draft Aggregator Scheme 2021, the Delhi government has organised a virtual round-table consultation on January 24 to discuss the various outlines of the policy.  Ride focuses on electric vehicles in the aggregators and delivery services sectors and total control and operations in Delhi.

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  The incident came days after the Delhi government announced a draft policy that would require Ride Aggregators and Delivery Services to adopt electric vehicles when purchasing a new fleet.  Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot tweeted about the negotiations and shared details on the draft policy, which states that all vehicles onboard must have a commercial registration and all new vehicles onboard are not older than five years from the date of registration.

  All vehicles in the fleet must not be older than eight years from the date of registration, and onboard vehicles must have a logo or branding of the associated aggregator as per the draft policy.  More than 100 participants from Demand Service Mobility Operators, Fleet Aggregators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Last Mile Delivery Operators, Civil Society Organisations and Experts participated in the round table consultation, the Department of Transportation said in a statement.

  More than 80 industry leaders participated in the discussion and shared their feedback and suggestions on the seamless implementation of the Fleet Aggregator project.  Minister of Transport Shri Kailash Gahlot, General Secretary-Comm-Commissioner (Transport), and General Secretary (Environment) of the Delhi Government were also present at this virtual conference.

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  “Today’s round-table consultation began with inaugural speeches and keynote speeches, highlighting the Delhi government’s goal of achieving a 10 per cent conversion in new onboard two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

  Similarly, under this scheme, aggregators will have to convert 5 percent of their new onboard four-wheelers to electric within 3 months and 25 percent within the first year of the project.  In a statement, the Delhi government said, “Ride aggregators and delivery services are mandatory in their new fleet.

  At the meeting, Gahlot said, โ€œUnder the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, we are fulfilling our promise of successful implementation of EV policy.  The state was the first state to advocate an aggregator policy to mandate electric vehicle fleets for ride aggregators and delivery services.  “The state government of Delhi has also projected a state-of-the-art electric vehicle website, which performs as a one-stop-shop for all insights into electric vehicles in Delhi.”

  Highlighting the need for partnership and collaboration across the EV ecosystem and the need for the Department of Transportation to adopt aggregator policy, General Secretary (Comm) Commissioner Ashish Kundra said, โ€œWe are committed to encouraging the promotion of electric vehicles in the Delhi city.  To address the problem of increasing air pollution.  However, we are keen to ensure a smooth transition of the ecosystem and not create huge barriers.

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  โ€œThe draft plan outlines the purpose of the Delhi government and subsequently, the feedback and suggestions received on the project will enable us to create a conducive environment for these businesses to function and thrive,โ€ he said.

  Source Zee Media Bureau,

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