Poise NX-120 and Grace Electric Scooter with swappable battery capable of launching in India.

Poise Scooters has released two new electric scooters in India – the NX-120 and Grace.  The e-scooters have been unveiled at Sheraton Grand in Rajajinagar, Bangalore, the company said.  The new Poise Electric Scooter comes with a removable battery.

Poise Scooters NX 120  Specifications / Dimensions

Fuel Type-Electric.

Motor Power-2200 W,

Motor Type BLDC,

Range 110 km to 140 km/charge,

Top Speed-55 kmph,

Battery Type Lithium Ion,

Battery Capacity 72 V/20 Ah,

Battery Warranty 2 Years.

Kerb Weight-102 Kg,

Dry Weight 83 kg,

Charging Time 4-5 hours,

Disc  Brake – Both Front & Rear,    

Braking Type -Combine Braking System,

Turn Signal Lamp LED,

Tail Light LED,

Motor Warranty 1 Year,

Length/Width/Height=1900/730/1110 mm^3

Wheelbase 1380 mm.

In India, the Poise NX-120 is priced at Rs 1.24 lakh (ex-showroom).  E-scooters are available in five colour options.

Both models come with removable batteries available in them.  That is, users can easily remove the battery and exchange it with a charged battery.  These batteries can be charged at home using a 220-volt power socket.

  Range and speed

According to the company, the Poise Grace and NX-one hundred twenty scooters are powered through the cutting-edge NMC (Nickel, Manganese and Cobalt) primarily based totally Li-ion battery. Poe’s electric scooters are said to offer a range of 110 km to 140 km for a full charge and a top speed of 55 km.  The battery is powered by an electric motor.

In addition, the company is working on a Link high-speed scooter, which is expected to accelerate to 90 km / h.  It could start soon.

New e-scooter features include Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging points, tubeless tires, front and rear combi-brake systems, and legroom for greater comfort.  Two adults can ride a scooter comfortably.

These scooters are being manufactured in the company’s Yashwantpur unit in Bangalore.  The EV manufacturer said the plant is capable of producing 30,000 vehicles in the first year and 100,000 vehicles in the second year.

Speaking at the event, Vittal Belander, Managing Director of Nisiki Technologies Pvt Ltd and alumni of NITK Surathkal said, “We aim to achieve a balance between technological advancements, cost and accessibility.”  , And sustainability.  We hope to be a big part of the EV revolution and contribute to a cleaner India by providing technologically advanced features, ease of manipulation and affordable ownership. ”

It is reported that the company has partnered with exchanges and P2P charging partners to provide users with charging point facilities.

Image courtesy: Poise Scooter / bikedekho

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