Genesis’ Smithfield, A well-equipped blend of electric-bike prowess and classic looks.

The new Smithfield of Genesis, Our review

Smithfield’s Genesis’s paved mix of elitic-bike prowess and classic looks

Genesis’ new Smithfield is a UK-designed electronic bike that combines the classic urban roadster with a year, impressive spec list, smooth ride and a maximum range of 150 km.

  Smithfield of Genesis

It features classic design details such as the twin-spar top tube, the ‘nurse’ lock, metal mudguards and fine metal detail on dropouts, basses and cable ports.

Beyond that, it makes a powerful version for the modern-retro blend, a mix of high-performance batteries, disc brakes and 29in wheels that occasionally cut the stylish way through the drag world of commuter bikes.  This is a fascinating combination, with displays for you to enjoy the benefits of a bike.

  How we tested

After the Kovid epidemic, most of us want alternatives to public transportation and car.  Elitic commuting bikes provide more exercise than green when available.

A motor-equipped folding bike is unspecified for some models nipping around.  Can handle mountain-bike style wide tires and rugged terrain.

In addition to passenger-bike staples, such as racks and full-length mudguards, there are some integrated lights and locks.  Greater range for everything from office to home and long haul trips.

In this test, we have seen four premium assisted bikes offering different riding experiences in the £ 2,000 to £ 4,000 bracket.

Genesis Smithfield Frame Details

Integrated Nurse Lock Implemented at Genesis Smithfield Italic Commuter

Combined attack lock is an ideal addition to urban attacks.  Dev Cowdery / Our Media

Smithfield’s frame is made of predominantly double-cloth Genesis-branded Mjolnir chromoly steel and is only 23kg shy, enough to carry steps.

  However, the quality of the frame fills Smithfield with a wonderful following and gives you a lively feel that you wouldn’t normally associate with a commuter bike.

Impressions of the Genesis Smithfield ride

The ride is beautifully smooth, though Smithfield does not impress you with its acceleration.

Combine a lively frame, large wheels and wide tires and you get an enjoyable ride.

Smithfield is not the nicest when it comes to acceleration, and it doesn’t fit some of the best Ilitic bikes for the Zip.

 However, I have found that by getting into low gear and maximizing power at traffic lights, I can get ahead of vans and buses.

But Smithfield is at home on long haul trips, and not just on the tarmac.  Its impressive range and comfort opens the way for more relaxing rides to work byways, towpaths and bike lanes.

2in-wide Maxxis tires do not provide comfort, they provide better traction on damp roads and broken surfaces.

The ‘Urban’ saddle is more generous than the full-on sports saddle, but still quite sporty.

This means that with the bike’s simple suspension seatpost, I don’t need to wear padded cycling shorts.

Genesis Smithfield Spec Details

All-Shimano Drivetrain and eBike Power work in harmony.  The nine-speed cassette is paired with a mid-level Acer Derailer operated by the Acer Trigger Shifter.

Shifting is easy, accurate and positive, but with some rival bike a little clunkier and more chain sound.  For this price, I’m expecting something in the Shimano hierarchy.

However, Shimano’s STEPS motor system is a good rival to Bosch’s mid-mounted alternative.

At just 2.88kg, this is the lightest Shimano has ever made and is a fairly narrow system.  So, like some budget eBikes, you are not riding your legs.

It is much quieter than the previous Shimano system, and I have all the gear and support to handle some of the steep local mounts, including 60Nm of torque on tap and 38t chainring and wide range of gears from the 11-36 cassette.  Easy.

The SC-E5000 controller is simple, with up and down buttons to cycle through three assist modes, and a button to switch between range, distance and odometer.

The button lights are switched on and the battery level stays on the screen forever.  Smithfield’s walk mode helps push the weight bike on the slopes.

Front and rear racks mounted on the Genesis Smithfield Italic Commuter Bike

The front and rear racks provide ample space for bags.

Genesis Smithfield Battery and range details

Shimano claims 93.2 miles / 150 km in Eco mode, but where’s the fun in that?

By switching between modes – Eco in Flat, Descending Off and the first two modes on hills – I can still manage 50.66 miles / 81.5 km, 3,816 ft / 1163 m climbing: impressive stats.

The Shimano system charges quickly, reaches 80 percent in two hours, and fully charged in four.

All types of battery, Shimano, will deteriorate over time, but Shimano says it will still retain 60 percent of its capacity on some brands that accept it and 1,000 charge (about 81,500km ride).

Shimano’s hydraulic MT200 brakes show impressive braking power and progressive feel.

Bottom line of Genesis Smithfield

Smithfield is really a high quality travel package, set up for you to work, ride, shop or do weekend treks.

The ride is smooth and current, and the handling is consistent and easy, but not dull.  I admit I was sold on its classic look and super finish.

The only thing I want to add to this bike is the chaincase to protect my pants’ coffee from a potential oily chain.

Ridgeback is in the same parent group as Genesis and makes high-quality bikes.  The Arcadus 2 sports a SportDrive MD250S mid-mounted motor with 90Nm of peak torque and 55km range.

Like the Columbia Rd Smithfield, it shares the same Shimano STEPS E6100 and battery, while the Mjolnir steel frame is step-by-step.  Large 29er wheels and tires combine full mudguards, racks, lights and kickstands.

Product Specifications

Product Brand Genesis Bikes, Price GBP £ 3000.00, Weight 22.89kg (M),v


Features additions: colored alloy mudguards, front and rear atronovello racks, front and rear lights, Trelac frame-mounted ring lock

Connection Shimano STEPS E6100 Engine, BT-E014 418Wh Battery, Bar-Mounted LCD Controller and 2Ah Charger

Tires Maxxis Grifter 29×2.0in

Stem Genesis Alloy

Shifter Shimano Acera SL-M3000

Seatpost Genesis Alloy 27.2 suspension

Saddle Genesis Urban

Rear derailleur rear: Shimano Acerra M3100 SGS 9-speed

Headset Genesis

Sizes S, M, L

Handlebar Genesis Alloy 46 ° Backsweep 32mm Ride, 680mm Width

Frame Mjölnir Double-clipped Chromoly Steel

Fork alloy

Cranks Shimano Steps FC-E6100 170 mm 38T

Chain KMC X9E

Cassette Shimano CS-HG200 9S 11-36T

Brakes Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc

Wheels Jalco XCD250S Rims at KT-K68 Hub

Pro : Beautifully smooth, consistent handling;  Good view

Cons: Not enough drivetrain expected in price;  There is no chaincase

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Genesis MotorDivision

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