Analysis: Bluetron Lightning

This hefty weight electric kick scooter packs on power and a heavy price.?

Introducing MiniMotor’s new brand, Bluetron!  The most reliable electric scooter manufacturer has a brand new range to offer.  The pioneers of Blue World, Bluetron offer high quality electric scooters at affordable prices? without compromising on quality.  With its focus on promoting eco-friendly transportation, BlueTron offers the best high-powered electric scooters for adults.  Adjustable suspension, adjustable height, user-friendly and comfortable to ride;  Lightning strikes again!

Bluetron Technical Specifications

Motor:  Dual Hub, MAX 5040W BLDC Motor.

Battery: (18650) 72V35Ah (LG MJ1), 72V32Ah (LG MH1), 72V26Ah (CN)

Charge Time: 25hrs with (35Ah) standard charger, 7hrs with Quick Charger / (32Ah) 22hrs with standard charger, 6hrs with Quick Charger / (26Ah) 18hrs with standard charger, 5hrs with Quick Charger

Maximum mileage: Mileage may vary depending on rider weight, road conditions and ambient temperature

Maximum speed: 47+ mph (depending on rider weight, road conditions, charge condition and ambient temperature)

Climbing grade: 60% or 31 degrees (depending on rider weight and charge status)

Braking System: Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes + Electric ABS

Lighting: Handlebar sides LED lights, dual LED headlight and taillight, brake light

Maximum load: 265lbs

Scooter Weight: 88 lbs

Tires: 10 “x3” tube tires

Suspension: Quad spring air suspension to front and rear

Features: Eco-Turbo / Adjustable Bar Height / Adjustable Ride Height / Turn Signals / Lights / Horn. 

Charge Port: 10a Charging GX20-3P Support.

Optional: fast charger, fingerprint.

Product Material: Frame and Handle Aviation grade 6082-T6 Aluminium Alloy, Shaft SCM440 Steel and Plastic Covers

Bluetron Lightning Electric Scooter

During the month I’ve been testing Bluetron Lightning, I only had to charge it once.  Once.  Thatโ€™s after about 40 miles worth of trips (at various sub-30-mph speeds).  This electric kick scooter never fails to go up steep hills, its hydraulic brakes are great and its suspension feels like a magic carpet ride.  It’s a new world.

Well, kind of.  The only escater I can match to this performance is the Minimotor’s Dualtron Victor.  Fun fact: Bluetran is a new sub brand from MiniMotors, so they are effectively made by the same company.  They treat the same and both start at the ungodly price of $ 2,699.  I tried the pricey version ($ 3,099), which has an LG battery that packs great capacity for an extended range.

(Bluetron Lightning Electric Scooter)

 Lightning speed

Anytime I rave about the awesome power and range of an electric scooter, I immediately deserve my excitement because of two key factors: weight and … law.

To begin with, this escoter is 88 pounds of insanity, 15 more than Dualtron Victor.  It needed no setup, but I pulled my back out of the box to get it out.  (I recommend placing the box on its side, taking out the Styrofoam and getting it out.)

This weight affects everything.  I am moving into a new apartment with a flight of stairs and I have no way to take this vehicle up and down the narrow steps on a regular basis.  If you ever get stuck in the rain or the battery dies, forget about jumping on public transit – lifting 88 pounds unless you feel like it.  (You can fold the trunk and lock it to the deck for “easy” carry.

Then there are the local speed laws.  Bluetron Lightning can hit up to 47 miles per hour.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  It is illegal and very fast in most cities and states.  You are basically a wizard on a broom, at least they have weird drugs and spells to heal bones or grow back.  As with any car, make sure you follow the local speed rules and you get a higher range than me.  (I often ride deep in empty streets in to test speed, handling and braking.)

In its default settings, lightning is usually too fast for me.  Suddenly turning off the 5,040-watt dual-hub motor kicks your complete weight back.  But there is one solution: go to the scooter’s settings by displaying it in the handlebar and you can tweak its performance.  I have reduced the output by 50 percent and it is still faster but more manageable.  (These settings are listed in the manual.) There are three gears on the scooter, and after I tweaked the settings, the Gear 1 now effectively goes 15 miles per hour, which is the legal limit in New York City.

The advantage of having such a beefy battery (outside the amazing range) is that you don’t charge it regularly, so the battery doesn’t deplete faster than the scooters you need to recharge every day.  This means you donโ€™t have to replace the battery for several years.  With so much energy, you can take any hill and never miss a beat.  Many cheap scooters are slow to crawl on small slopes.

Just my two grips?  If you drain the battery completely, be prepared to spend a day recharging it with the included charger.  You have to pay for a fast charger, which cuts this time to seven hours, but it’s out of stock.  If you’re taller than me (I’m 6’4 “), I’d advise reaching out to Bluetron about getting a trunk extension, because the handlebars are a little too short for me.

  Thunderclap and Flash

(Bluetron Lightning Electric Scooter)

It comes with everything you need to see and hear you on the road, which is sure to alert even the most distracted drivers to the full suite of onboard flashy RGB lights that shy most gaming PCs out of the loud horn.  .  (Customise colours via added remote!)

There is a box attached to the left handlebar with satisfactory buttons, including hazards, turn signals and turning on the headlights.  Once I had to turn off the headlights, I noticed a biker coming in and blocking his hand light.  It’s a shame you can’t control the shine.

Lightning is extreme in every way, but it is impossible to deny its usefulness.  I carry heavy bags of books intended for goodwill on this subject.  I went on a 12-mile round trip and it only lost 10 percent of its battery life. This is the best-built scooter I’ve tested, and MiniMotors has a decent dealer network (and you can buy several spare parts on Bluetron’s website) if any problems arise.

I can’t wait until this power and range gets smaller and lighter.  It’s hard to recommend Lightning for any city slicker โ€” it’s not just a city scooter.  Instead I point you to the city of Apollo, which is still quite heavy and powerful, but far less intense (and cheaper).  But if you need an electric scooter for the long haul, the lightning is as wonderful as they come.

Pros & Cons


Very powerful.  Incredible range.  Loud horn, flashing visibility lights;  Bright headlights, turn signals and taillights.  Excellent hydraulic brakes.  The trunk can be folded down.


Disappointingly heavy (88 lbs).  Tall riders may need a stem extender.  Slowly charged.  Expensive.

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