Indo-German start-up Audi e-tron  used batteries to get a second life, powering e-rickshaws in India

E-rickshaws powered by used Audi e-tron battery modules are slated to hit Indian roads for the first time in a pilot project in early 2023.

Audi e-rickshaw

Arriving subsequent 12 months on Indian roads, the e-rickshaws are previewed via means of an Audi-badged display car constructed via means of trainees in Neckarsulm.

Audi e-rickshaw idea powered via way of means of second-lifestyles e-tron battery modules


A German-Indian startup known as Nunam is bringing 3 electric powered rickshaws to Indian roads using Audi-sourced second-lifestyle batteries.

Nunum is committed to taking care of the entire cycle of used battery system – from storage to memory and final recycling.  Real-time data, analytics and cloud computing help us track the process.

Powered via means of used battery modules taken from Audi e-tron check cars, those electric powered rickshaws serve the reason of displaying how modules made with excessive-voltage batteries may be reused after their automobile lifestyles cycle and grow to be a possible second-lifestyle use case. As a secondary reason, the 3 electric powered rickshaws will support task possibilities for girls in India, transporting their items to marketplace on the market without the want for intermediaries.

Funded via means of the Audi Environmental Foundation, the Nunam non-income startup advanced the 3 prototypes in collaboration with the education group at Audi’s Neckarsulm web website online, marking the primary joint undertaking among each Audi AG and the Audi Environmental Foundation further to Nunam.

The e-rickshaws powered via means of used Audi e-tron battery modules are scheduled to hit Indian roads for the primary time in a pilot undertaking in early 2023. 

Audi e-rickshaw idea powered via way of means of second-lifestyles e-tron battery modules

“Car batteries are designed to close the lifestyles of the automobile. But even after their preliminary use in a car, they nevertheless have quite a few of their electricity. For cars with decreased variety and electricity requirements, in addition to decreasing average weight, they may be extraordinarily promising. In our second-lifestyle undertaking, we reuse batteries from electric powered motors in electric powered cars; you could possibly name it electric powered mobility ‘lite.’ In this way, we are attempting to find out how a good deal of electricity the batteries can nevertheless offer in this stressful use case.”

Nunam cofounder Prodip Chatterjee

The startup’s fundamental aim is to expand approaches to apply vintage batteries as second-lifestyle electricity garage systems, therefore each extending their lives and the usage of assets extra efficiently.

Why begin with rickshaws?

Chatterjee says those cars have “a great eco-efficiency” as the electrical motor would not ought to be mainly powerful, supporting the car to reap a relatively low weight. Furthermore, the excessive-energy-density battery is advanced to not unusual place e-rickshaws presently in use in India that function lead-acid batteries, that have a rather brief carrier lifestyles and are regularly now no longer disposed of properly.

And even as usual rickshaw drivers feed their cars normally with public grid electricity, which has an excessive share of coal-fired electricity in India, Nunan’s e-rickshaws will feel the usage of electricity from sun charging stations installation at nearby partner’s premises.

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In addition to the 3 rickshaws meant for street use in India, Audi trainees on the Neckarsulm web website online are growing an extra display rickshaw in cooperation with Nunam. The car may be on show and to be had for check drives on the Greenwich Festival in Berlin from June 22.

Sources Nunam, Audi

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