The Santa Cruz Nomad will blend wheel sizes for 2023

The Santa Cruz Nomad enters its sixth era following withinside the footsteps of the Branson through ditching the total 27.5โ€ณ wheelset in favour of a mullet configuration.  With the bigger front wheel comes a number of geometry and kinematics updates, which include longer proportional duration stays, a slacker head perspective and, to cater for pack-haters, a glove container that houses a device pockets and tube purse.  Here’s a top level view of the 2023 Santa Cruz Nomad.

Santa Cruz Nomad General 6

The 2023 Nomad coil surprise construct alternatives are designated with a double down casing tire withinside the rear.

Although the dimensions of its wheel has changed, its motive is now no longer;  The 2023 Santa Cruz Nomad remains their “ship anywhere” model.  Marketing terms aside, let’s evaluate and compare the antique and the new.

Purpose: Enduro and bike park riding

Wheel size: 29″ the front, 27.5″ rear

Fork tour: a hundred and seventy mm

Rear wheel tour: 170mm

Head Angle: 63.5ยฐ (Low)

Frame Material: Carbon (C & CC)

Size: S-XXL

Price start: $5,649 USD (Nomad C R)

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad CC Frameset Air Shock, The light-weight CC body is most effective to be had as a frameset, retailing at $4,249 USD

For 2023, the tour stays at 170mm the front and rear.  It nevertheless runs the VPP-linkage located throughout the Santa Cruz variety, and the modifications in suspension traits are not seen to the bare eye;  Small tweaks to the pivot places ended in minor modifications to the kinematics, however, that have to make sense.

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad C Coil Shock, Santa Cruz gives the Nomad C and CC in entire builds with a preference of air or coil shocks.

As Santa Cruz tells us, through decreasing the preliminary leverage, they have been capable of enhancing the steadiness of the frame weight affected geometry.  The ensuing discount in headway is stated to permit the suspension to have continually higher monitoring traits at some stage in the stroke.  To me, this indicates greater scope to music the rear suspension to match a given rider’s needs.

Santa Cruz Nomad Leverage Curve, 

In an attempt to lessen the harshness felt while the rear wheel takes huge square-area hits, the Nomad’s anti-squat values โ€‹โ€‹are barely decreased than the predecessor.  A particular intention became to lessen pedal kickback โ€“ the jolting sensation that may be felt withinside the pedals while compression-brought-on chain increase forces the rearward rotation of the cranks.  The compromise right here is decreased anti-squat (the suspension’s cap potential to withstand acceleration-brought on compression), even though the extrade is subtle;  Anti-squat values โ€‹โ€‹nevertheless live north of 100% as much as 100mm of tour at 170mm.

These modifications compare with the ones we have got visible applied withinside the contemporary generation of the Hightower, their 140mm tour path bike, a bike in which pedalling performance tops the list of priorities.

2023 Santa Cruz Anti-Nomadic Squat To assist readers interpret this graph, Santa Cruz has indicated the situations below which it became constructed: an assumed CoG peak of 620mm for a rider on a massive body, pedalling on a 24t cog on a cassette with a 32t chainring,  pedalling on a 24t cog on a cassette with a 32t chainring, 

As an aside, for every person pretty touchy to the unwell consequences of pedal kickback, (flat pedal riders, for example) I can nearly unreservedly propose the Ochain Active Spider.

A new nomadic geometry

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad Black, With the 2023 Nomad and MX, the Santa Cruz 5010 is the most effective complete 27.5โ€ณ variety.  How many times is left, do you count?

Nomad holds his flip-chip, so there are  geometry charts to hole.  Similar to what we see throughout the Santa Cruz and Juliana lineup, it is on a decreased surprise mount;  Flipping its orientation increases or lowers the lowest bracket through 3mm, concurrently steepening or loosening each the pinnacle and seat tube angles.

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad Non Drive border View Flip-Chip

The geometry adjustment may be very touchy, tons greater touchy than the ones delivered through flip-chips applied through different brands.  We’ll be conscious of the Low function right here because it produces a completely low, gradual configuration of a motorbike sincerely focused (however now no longer committed) on going downhill.

Santa Cruz Nomad Mullet 170mm Travel Carbon build 2023 MTB, In addition to the rear centre duration for every body size, Santa Cruz tunes the carbon format for every body to excellent music stiffness traits.

To no one’s surprise, the 2023 Nomad is its slowest model yet, with a 63.5ยฐ head perspective at the low.  Santa Cruz maintains the fashion of proportional duration live increase, growing the rear-centre duration to suit the growing attain as you glance through the body sizes.  At 440mm at the Small, it tops out at 451mm at the XXL.  Seat tubes steepen thru body sizes, quoted at 77.5ยฐ withinside the XXL.

With the addition of an XXL body on the pinnacle with a height of 517.4mm, the Nomad now comprises a much wider variety of rider heights.  Reach on Large is efficaciously unchanged at 472.4mm, however the jumps on both aspects of it are actually shorter;  The Medium is available at 452.3mm and the XL is 492.4mm.

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad Geometry

2023 Nomad body details

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad Glove Box Frame Storage Downtube

As we have got visible for the contemporary Megatower and Hightower frames, the 2023 Nomad is the contemporary Santa Cruz body to advantage from a glovebox, that’s domestic to a device pockets and tube purse โ€“ concerned with getting gear and add-ons on and rancid your back.  Frame in which you actually can not overlook them.  However, it does not get the sag window we noticed for the Hightower.

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad Non Drive border View Flip-Chip, The Nomad’s leverage curve is stated to suit each wind and coil surprise

The Nomad has 148mm x 12mm spacing on the rear, and all body sizes have clearance for 27.5″ x 2.6″ tires.  It additionally receives all the standard pleasant body features, which include SRAM UDH, a threaded backside bracket, tube-in-tube inner cable routing and an ISCG05 tab for mounting the chain manual and bash guard.

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad Tire Clearance 27.5″ x 2.6″, The surprise receives its personal committed mini-fender to guard the seal from path particles thrown up through the rear wheel.

Price and Availability

Pricing for the 2023 Santa Cruz Nomad begins at $5,649 USD for the Nomad C R and tops out at $11,199 USD for the all-making all-dancing Nomad CC X01 AXS RSC (air or coil).  An evaluation of the construct specifications may be located below.  .  For greater data on pricing and availability, visit the Santa Cruz Bicycles website.

2023 Santa Cruz Nomad Build Kits Exclusive Listings


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