Volvo will deliver 20 heavy-responsibility electric powered trucks to Amazon

Volvo will supply twenty Volvo FH Electric trucks to Amazon

Volvo Trucks will supply completely electric powered heavy-responsibility vehicles to Amazon in Germany with the aid of using yr end. The 20 Volvo FH Electric are anticipated to pressure extra than a million street kilometres annually, fuelled with power in place of diesel.

Volvo will deliver 20 heavy-responsibility electric powered trucks to Amazon

For Amazon, the vehicles will play a key position in electrification of longer distances and heavier loads.

“Heavy items cars and different industrial cars make up round 36% of Germanyโ€™s home shipping emissions*”, which makes street shipping decarbonization an essential difficulty to address.

โ€œBig actors in the shipping enterprise play a key position in the industryโ€™s efforts to decrease its carbon footprint. Therefore Iยดm happy that Amazon is operating with us to assist lessen their emissions in longer and heavier shipping assignments,โ€ says Jessica Sandstrรถm, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo Trucks commenced the collection manufacturing of heavy-responsibility electric powered vehicles in September this year and the provision of electrical vehicles for inter-town and local haulage marks an essential milestone for decarbonizing street shipping.

โ€œGlobally we’ve six electric powered truck fashions geared up to reserve and in collection manufacturing to fulfil the growing call for decarbonizing items transports. This is an encouraging leap forward for decreasing weather extrade impacts,โ€ remarks Jessica Sandstrรถm.

The electric powered variations of its maximum essential product variety โ€“ the heavy-responsibility Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX vehicles โ€“ will play a critical position in accomplishing Volvo Trucks international goal that during 2030 50% of all new vehicles bought may be battery or gas cell electric powered. These electric powered heavy-responsibility vehicles can perform at a complete weight of forty four tonnes and the 3 fashions cited constitute round thirds of the companyโ€™s sales.

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For Amazon, the vehicles will update their diesel opposite numbers and play a key position in electrification projects via its transportation chain.

โ€œAmazon is devoted to decarbonizing its fleet and the middle mile is a notoriously hard disruption zone,โ€ explains Andreas Marschner, Europe Vice President of Transport Services at Amazon.  “That’s why welcoming electric powered heavy-responsibility vans from Volvo to our fleet is such an critical milestone. Weโ€™re working on one of the fastest-developing industrial transportation electrification programs, and weโ€™ll keep making investments and innovating to decarbonize and supply applications to clients with 0 emissions.โ€

Facts approximately the Volvo FH Electric

  • Battery capacity: 540 kWh
  • Output power: 490 kW non-stop power
  • The variety is as much as three hundred km, however the Volvo FH Electric can cowl as much as 500 km all through an everyday workday if a top-up price is added, as an example all through the lunch break.

Facts approximately Volvoโ€™s variety of electrical vehicles

  • Volvo Trucks have an international variety of six all electric powered vehicles designed to cowl many specific shipping assignments.
  • The Volvo FH, FM and FMX Electric fashions have a GCW of as much as forty four tonnes. Sales are ongoing in Europe and collection manufacturing commenced in September 2022.
  • Manufacturing of the Volvo FL and FE Electric, for town distribution and refuse handling, commenced in Europe already in 2019.
  • Production of the Volvo VNR Electric for North America commenced in 2020.

*Bundesministerium fรผr Umwelt und Verkehr, Klimaschutz in Zahlen – Fakten, Trends und Impulse deutscher Klimapolitik, Ausgabe 2021 (bmu.de), Page 36

 Volvo will deliver 20 heavy-responsibility electric powered vehicles to Amazon

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Jan Strandhede, Media Relations Director, Volvo Trucks Tel: +46 31 3233715

Email: jan.strandhede@volvo.com

Volvo Trucks components entire shipping answers for discerning expert clients with its complete variety of medium- and heavy-responsibility vehicles. Customer guide is supplied through an international community of sellers with 2,2 hundred provider factors in approximately one hundred thirty international locations. Volvo vehicles are assembled in thirteen international locations throughout the globe. In 2021 about 123,000 Volvo vehicles had been added worldwide. Volvo Trucks is a part of the Volvo Group, one of the worldโ€™s main producers of vehicles, buses, creation devices and marine and business engines. The organisation additionally affords entire answers for financing and provider. Volvo Trucksโ€™ paintings are primarily based totally at the centre values of quality, protection and environmental care.

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