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BlueJay Sport is an adventure-ready e-bike with all the motor power and range that most riders want.  BlueJay selects premium parts to differentiate it from the crowd of mid-end e-bikes that begin to feel the same.

The price is a little easier to understand when we consider that the bike is not nearly as hard to hit on flat ground as a motorcycle with a top speed of 28mph.  Thanks to a 500W mid-drive motor, it gets all the mechanical benefits of a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain.

The BlueJay 250W goes beyond 350Wh batteries found in rear hub motors and more basic e-bikes, and includes approximately $ 180 / ยฃ 130 / AU $ 250 groupset and $ 800 / ยฃ 600 / AU $ 1,100 motor, front and rear racks.  And fenders, integrated lights and half of the 655.2Wh battery cost.  Also includes shipping and assembly at the Bluejay Bike Store.

Brigade Orchards

All those are integrated into one motor motorcycle that makes it first-class to trip on town streets and trails, in particular while we are able to hit that excessive pace and fly. The BlueJay Sport makes a pretty complete package that has little left to be desired.  Not everyone wants a $ 4,000 e-bike, especially when it’s overweight.  But if you have a garage and want to take small tours, love this ride.

BlueJay Sport E-Bike, Price and release date

BlueJay Sport debuted in November 2021 and the next batch will come in Q2 2022 for $ 3,995 (about ยฃ 3,000 / AU $ 5,500).  At the time of writing, pre-orders are available with a deposit of $ 1,998 (about ยฃ 1,500 / AU $ 2,800).

That puts it in the mid-range price band, but at a higher level – lower than our current top-notch e-bike specialised Turbo VADO 4.0 (2022), but better than the excellent Ribble Hybrid AL e.


The BlueJay Sport is reminiscent of the classic Royal Enfield motorcycle with its slick wheels, its matte paint job, luggage racks and fenders, but it’s the right tank for the bike, dropping 54.8 pounds (24.9 kg) in our measure.

It might also additionally boast an aluminium body for weight loss, however with a enormous 672Wh battery (the real specifications indexed at the battery we obtained are 46.8V / 14.4Ah, 655.2Wh), 29-inch wheels with thick WTB nano off-road tires, and 500W Bafang M600 mid-range.  The drive motor (which weighs 3.9kg by itself) as well as built-in steel fenders, front and rear lights and racks (capable of holding 55 lbs on the rear and 22 lbs on the front), is a serious kit-out ride that cancels out any weight-saving offered by the frame material.

  BlueJay Sport E-Bike

The bike comes in two sizes, one for 5โ€™3 โ€and above riders and one for 5′ 10โ€ and more riders.  We tested a larger model, which would lift the seat fully and accommodate 6 ‘riders.  The handlebar trunk angle is easy to adjust for different rider heights.

The bike does not use the standard double-triangle frame shape, but instead opts for a slightly more intense angle between the seat stays and the chainstays, and the curved top tube – which provides a little extra standover clearance – is a good halfway measure right side frame.  This is not so standard as the mid-drive motor has a special attachment point, replacing the normal bottom bracket.

The advantage of this setup is that the weight is more concentrated than e-bikes with larger motors on the rear wheel.  The wheels are also easy to remove or replace, as they are just regular quick-release wheels.  Bluejay used a shark-fashion battery percent that locks into the body, however it comes with a key to recharge without difficulty.

This is a quite respectable motor motorcycle, It has a colour LCD display and battery detail to track travel distance, odometer, motor wattage, battery percentage and speed (though the display is curiously only displaying a whole mile) and a thumb switch to control the electronics.  .  Bluejay chose 10-speed Shimano Dior groups with a 42-tooth chainring.

While most affordable e-bikes prefer simple, mechanical disc brakes, Bluejay has stepped into the Tektro Vela hydraulic disc brakes with dual-piston callipers that clamp from both sides of the disc.  The seat and handlebars also double in style with a leather-like finish.

BlueJay Sport E-Bike

For all its weight, the BlueJay Sport makes for an almost effortless ride.  The power we get from the 500W mid-drive motor, which is channelled through different gears, makes it even easier to get up and stagnate, bicycle up a hill or headwind, and get up to 28 mph on bikes.  Outside our saddle.  Simply put, none of the rear-hub e-bikes we tested are easy to zip (although the high cost is very low).

Although the BlueJay features a 10-speed sprocket, we rarely find ourselves going for anything less than sixth gear.  The motor offers five-step pedal assistance, but the first stage is an easy task without the need to change acceleration up to 18 mph through multiple gears.

When we changed gears, the Shimano Dior shifter was brisk.  Since the Bafang Motor has a torque sensor, all it needs to find is a little pressure from our foot, and it steps up to help.  The most important step is the difference from the e-bike with the cadence sensor.

There is a bit of eccentricity in this setup, though the motor can rotate freely from the cranks, so the reverse pedalling does not actually rotate the chain and the chainring continues to spin for some time after we stop pedalling.

All You Need To Know About BlueJay Sport E-bike

The aluminium frame had a little flex, but not weakness when we put the muscles on each pedal.  The ride is kept a little smoother with the softness of the frame.  Despite using the moto motorcycle with a saddlebag and our 230 lb load at the rear, the BlueJay Sport did now no longer enjoy overload.

We took the bike on a long cruise, cycling about 20 miles in total.  The ride offered a lot of mixed terrain with plenty of sidewalk, hills, mud and sediment.  Between the bike’s frame, the ergonomic bars, the smoothly padded defile, and the thick wheels, it was a comfortable lift until we had a little defile sore.   Yet it affected us for how well it handled all the conditions we put in place.

The selection of BlueJay wheels inspires confidence in the displaced terrain and we were able to make our way through the sludge snow at speeds of about 10 mph without having to eat the ground.  Fenders did an excellent job of not spraying our backs, even if we didn’t save the ankles and shoes.

The bike’s combined head and tail lights are helpful in chiming in, even though the long headlights look at us after sunset, the headlight is low and the bike’s right side.  When navigating traffic, Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes have done a fantastic job of keeping all the combined weight of the bike off and on ourselves.

The Modern Rules Of BlueJay Sport E-bike

Our ride ended with about 23 miles of mixed riding, mostly on flat terrain, with enough level five assistance and 40-50% ride low.  It was a decent ride even with minimal assistance, although it was a bit difficult to solve once we thought we could reach the maximum speed easily.

Once the battery is dead, it will be the same old slog we drove on most e-bikes.  The extra weight doesn’t help, and it still feels like we’re fighting a powerless motor.  Gearing facilitates acceleration and we are able to move at 10-12 mph without a lot of work, however it is not anything like driving a cheap, non-electric powered motor motorcycle.

With the included 48V / 2A charger, it takes seven hours to fully recharge the bike’s battery (a little more time than any energy lost to heat during charging).

Buy if there is,You want effortless speed.

The BlueJay Sport makes it really easy to fly on the road at 28mph, and with the same effort you can go 14 mph on a conventional bike.

You need a fully kitted bike

Not handiest is purchasing an effective e-moto motorcycle, however you are additionally purchasing extreme freight racks, lighting and fenders.  If you are paying for them, you should be looking to take advantage of them.

You need at least a fuss

There is a lot going on on this bike, but BlueJay pays to ship it to the bike shop for assembly.  Once you get it, the disc brakes and the single derailleur perform pretty well and you won’t have to deal with the odd rear wheel found on hub motor e-bikes.

If not, don’t buy it

You want a serious gap

The BlueJay Sport can go fast and have a decent assist low-level, suggesting the BlueJay 75-mile range, but once the battery dies, it’s fun to ride quickly.  The WAU X can go even further in price.

You want subtlety from your e-bike

Some e-motorcycles fly beneath the radar with extra modest speeds, layout and streamlined battery packs.  This motor motorcycle isn’t always so. The $ 4000 specialised Turbo VADO 4.zero and $ 3,299 Priority Current suits that invoice without sacrificing a lot however the Ride 1Up Prodigy barely cuts the charge via way of means of half.

You ought to climb a whole lot of stairs

The BlueJay Sport could be very heavy. The frame gives it a good place to hold it, but every time we want to ride it we pull it up three or more steps and we refrain from using it.  The battery is removable to charge, but it doesn’t help much if you don’t have a garage to store the bike

 For =

Easily accessible speed, comfortable, extremely terrain ride, high quality components, fully kit out,

 Opposite =

High price, nasty battery, seriously heavy

The Reasons Why We Love BlueJay Sport E-bike

The BlueJay Sport is an extraordinary journey with an effective mid-power motor and a beefy battery, prepared for a modest cruise at excessive speeds, however this fully loaded motor motorcycle is expensive and the exclusivity gives critical competition.


How fast are the Blue Jay bikes going?

Our most powerful motor,

Speed โ€‹โ€‹up to 28 MPH with the Bafang 500W mid-drive torque sensor motor.

What to understand when buying an electric bike?

It’s up to you to decide which features are more important.  If comfort is important, a step-by-step framework is fine.  If hill climbing is critical, a medium motor system or a high torque hub motor is fine.  If riding too far is your cup of tea, a 400 watt-hour or more battery is more appropriate.

How far can you ride an electric bike?

Expect 22-50 miles on a single charge with relaxation pedalling.

Can you ride an electric bike on the road without a licence?

Electric bikes (EAPCs) are an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative transportation tool for drivers who are disqualified from driving.  Electric bikes that meet certain technical requirements, registration, insurance, tax and no licence to drive them.

What is Blue Jay symbolism?

The blue Jay bird symbolises loyalty and agreement.

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