GOTRAX Endura Electric Bike Review: The Ultra-Budget 250W Rear Hub Motor E-Bikes

Gotrax Endura Electric Bike

The GOTRAX Endura electric powered bicycle is the solution to the question, “Which e-bike might you endorse if I need to spend as little cash as feasible, however now I no longer get a pile of junk?”

It’s some distance from the exceptional e-bike I’ve examined, however it nonetheless rates important factors for combining good-sufficient elements with a super-low fee of $649.  I’ve examined numerous corner-reducing e-bikes before, and this isn’t always certainly considered one among them.  It makes a few sacrifices that we will discuss, however it is nonetheless a strong win withinside the end.

As ridiculous as top class e-bikes are, their excessive fee tags can lamentably restrict such fancy e-bikes to riders fortunate enough to come up with the money for the ones luxuries.

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Budget-priced e-bikes assist carry comparable joy, comfort and software to the not unusual place man.  And GOTRAX is aware of a factor of approximately making price range orientated electric powered -wheelers.

For numerous years I had been using GOTRAX electric powered scooters, checking out them for paintings and individually the usage of them for my very own commuting needs.

GOTRAX has made a call for itself withinside the bare-bones electric powered scooter industry, doing maximum of what fancier scooters can do โ€“ however for a fragment of the fee.

Now it is time to look if they could do the identical factor for electric powered bikes.

To see the GOTRAX Endura in motion and listen to the e-bike, test out my video evaluation below.  Or maintain analysing as I wreck it down for you withinside the relaxation of my evaluation.

GOTRAX provides e-bikes to the scooter variety

Scooters are handy little -wheeled electric powered vehicles, however there are not a lot of them.

E-bikes, on the other hand, have an awful lot greater.  Two unbiased force trains, greater contact factors, larger wheels to deal with, greater cable runs, suspension, etc.  So it is now no longer as easy as improving the scooter enjoyment of GOTRAX.

Even so, I’d say they did an amazing task here.  The Endura is a cushty bike to trip, and you would not bet it is most effective at $649.  In other words, it would not trip like a reasonably-priced bike.

I’m greatly inspired by the first-class electric aspect of the bike rather than the mechanical aspect of factors, and I’d say we will contact the motives for that.  But let’s begin with electronics.

Right off the bat, I can let you know that the overall performance isn’t always thrilling for an extremely low strength 250W motor and 36V electric machine, however it nonetheless works nicely.  It may not get your adrenaline pumping, however it’s going to provide you with an enjoyable, leisurely trip.

The pedal help machine presents a nice, quiet boost, and the throttle could make me get lazy if I need the bike to do greater paintings.  The Endura most effectively has a 270 Wh battery, that’s tiny by modern day standards, so I trip loads with pedal help to squeeze as much variety out of the battery as feasible.  But with a pinnacle pace of 15.five mph (25 km/h), excessive-pace using the throttle on my own may not pressure the battery too much.  And let’s be honest: with this type of low-powered motor, we are now no longer speakme approximately plenty of electric powered muscle here.

So at the same time as it is now no longer an excessive-overall performance e-bike, it does carry out nicely thinking about the fee.  And it is going above and past in a few cases, like a nicely-included battery.  If you spend the identical cash on a random Amazon e-bike, you may locate bolt-on batteries or every so often batteries established in a bag at the handlebars.  But the GOTRAX Endura has a slick-searching included battery that locks into the body and may be eliminated for charging.  Or, ought to I say do away with charging.  That’s one worrying factor approximately the battery – you cannot get entry to its fee port without eliminating it from the bike.

That little quirk is a touch worrying, however the all-electric powered aspect of factors is quite good.  The battery is small however nicely included.  The motor is likewise small however it works nicely for flat terrain โ€“ despite the fact that it cannot cope with large hills on its own.  There is likewise pedal help and throttle to select from, that’s a large gain over pedal help-most effective e-bikes.  The show isn’t always fancy however works nicely as an LED dot show and also you additionally get a headlight that departs from the primary pack.  There’s no tail mild, however thinking about I’ve visible e-bikes fee 3 instances the fee without a tail mild I’m now no longer complaining too difficult there.

So the electronics are absolutely good.  But again to the bike issue stuff, it is a chunk hit or miss.  I’m happy to see they have got invested with the electronics, however there may honestly be room to move a chunk better at the bike elements.

For example, the front fork leaves loads to be desired.  Sure, suspension is nice, however at what fee?  It would not sense as strong as an amazing suspension fork.  I may have favoured a stiffer fork that I recognize will ultimately last for years at the least.  And I recognize not anything about this tire logo apart from a few random Chinese tire manufacturers.  I wasn’t anticipating Maxxis here, however figured I ought to at least get a couple of entry-stage kendas.

The shifter and derailleur also are at the lowest of Shimano’s variety.  Not bad, however now no longer notable either.  Of path for an e-bike like this that is largely a satisfaction cruiser, they may be really adequate.

The pictures are not especially exciting and sense a chunk caught withinside the early 2000s, however at the least the bike is in any other case strong.  The “Super Sport” decals are laughable thinking about the bike’s low strength, however I assume they are used sarcastically.

So at the same time as we will honestly see regions in which GOTRAX reduces a few corners to maintain expenses down, at the same time they amazed me with a few key details.  There’s clearly a reasonably snug saddle and the inclusion of fenders as general equipment.  A rear rack is likewise general as compared to e-bike organisations that charge more for lights, fenders and racks โ€“ saving you a few critical cash.

Gotrax Endura Electric Bike

GOTRAX Endura E-Bike Technical Specifications

Motor: 250W rear hub motor

Maximum pace: 15 mph (25 km/h)

Range: Claimed up to twenty-eight miles (forty five km).

Battery: 36V 7.5Ah (270 Wh)

Weight: fifty four lb (24.five kg)

Load Capacity: 265 lb (a hundred and twenty kg)

Frame: Aluminium alloy 6061

Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes

Extras: Minimal LED dot show with battery gauge and PAS stage indicator, rear rack and fenders, throttle and pedal help, LED headlight included

What is the longest and shortest of them?

Ultimately I might still endorse this e-bike to all of us seeking out a notable, ultra-reasonably-priced e-bike.

If you may spend some hundred bucks greater, you may get a few critical first-class enhancements from different brands.  But I get it, now no longer anybody can spend a hundred bucks more.  And as compared to different e-bikes on the $649 stage, the GOTRAX Endura gives a higher bundle that rides higher and is greater snug to use.

I failed to assume a bike this reasonably-priced to be this an awful lot, however I can completely see an area for it.  I assume it is crucial to decide it inside its category.  I cannot evaluate it to a $2,000 e-bike, however I can affirm that it blows away different e-motorcycles in its fee category.

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