US Battery Technology Company Selected for US DOE Grant for $115M First-of-Kind Business-Scale Lithium Producing Facility

Accelerates Evolution of First-of-Kind, Sustainable, Secure US-Based Lithium Producing Facility American Battery Technology Company, (ABTC) (OTCQB: ABML), an American essential battery substances bus…

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Commercializing potassium-ion batteries using its Prussian white cathode (KPW) cathode cloth,

A potassium-ion battery or (KIB) is a type of battery and analog to lithium-ion batteries that uses potassium ions for charge transfer instead of lithium ions. It was discovered in 2004 by Iranian/American chemist Ali Eftekhari.

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The all new Pivot Shuttle SL appears much like an eBike, weighing in at 36.25lbs!

What do MTB riders actually need from an eBike? More energy? Long variety? Or how about a bike that blurs the road among assisted uses with the responsiveness you’ll assume from a mountain bike…

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CATL Announced to amass Manufacture LMFP batteries within this year.

The battery’s energy density is 15-20 percent above that of lithium iron phosphate batteries, but there’s little difference in the material costs, consistent with local media. CATL Announced to mass …

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DeepSpeed’s new High Power High Efficiency Liquid Cooled Electric Boat Battery.

Some airplanes have propellers, some have jets, he reasoned. … DeepSpeed’s new high power liquid cooled electric boat battery.
Video for deepspeed new high power high efficiency liquid cooled electric boat battery.

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