Aventon Pace 500 e-bike review: Bright display & Easy to access controls

The Aventon Pace 500 e-bike balances consolation and strength in a heavy-obligation body that may not damage the bank.

Aventon Pace 500 E-cycling isn’t new as a shape of commuting, and the US is possibly lagging in the back in adopting it as a shape of ordinary transportation.  Here in Northeast Tennessee, we are used to painted bike lanes throughout our city.

Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike Design and Features

The Aventon Pace 500 is a step-over cruiser body with swept lower back handlebars.  It weighs fifty two pounds, can gain up to twenty-eight miles consistent with an hour with pedal help, and has a 25- to 48-mile variety on a single price.

It has five levels of pedal assist with eight speeds. It has a 300-pound weight limit.

  The show suggests present day pace and battery statistics

The virtual show suggests statistics which includes pace, variety, battery closing and pedal help degree.  There’s additionally a hidden USB-A port to attach and feed your phone if needed.

Integrated headlights and rear lights switch on with the clicking of a button.  The tail lighting fixtures light up whilst the brake levers are pulled.

The controller for pedal help is at the left handlebar subsequent to the throttle.  Here are the buttons to strengthen the bike, toggle the lighting fixtures and manage the throttle help degree.

  The controller affords short get right of entry to to pedal help modifications and lights manage

The throttle lever is positioned subsequent to the controller and may be without problems pressed with the thumb.  It is beneficial for beginning from a standstill and accelerating on call for without pedalling.

The battery is incorporated into the body with a charging port on the pinnacle.  The 500W motor is positioned in the rear wheel and isn’t seen.

The pass bar layout is paying homage to the bikes we rode as kids.  It’s a traditional layout and feels robust whilst driving round the city.

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Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike Assemblage, Driving and Management.

At the age of 31 I became a bit intimidated with the aid of choosing to cycle anew.  The army has completed various joints and lower back, however perhaps this is why I’m the appropriate candidate to attempt the Aventon bike.  Low-effect workout and pedal help make this a greater approachable activity.

Whether you are into cycling for workout, journey or fun, the Aventon Pace 500 has validated to be a brilliant desire.  There are lighter e-bikes out there, however we suppose this one is the appropriate mixture of size, variety and durability.


The Aventon Pace 500 got here in a few packing containers and required a few assembly.  It did not take lengthy and the commands had been instantly forward.

Aventon Pace 500 Assembly instruction

All vital elements and add-ons are protected in the field and a reputable video on YouTube has guided the process.  The front wheel had to be attached, the handlebars adjusted and the battery introduced.

After inflating the tires and checking the seat position, it became equipped for the journey.  Note that we’ve introduced some add-ons to this bike, the MagSafe mount continues our iPhone in location and seen at the handlebars and the AirTag is hidden in the reflector below the seat.

It takes three to 7 hours to charge the battery.  It now no longer has battery reminiscence issues, so recharging after every journey is recommended.

Driving the Aventon Pace 500

Once we adjusted to having the throttle and pedal help, driving got here naturally.  The brakes felt brilliant and stopped the bike quickly, after which the throttle allowed us to quickly resume our journey.

The show suggests the vital statistics brightly even in the sun.  As we journey throughout the city, we will see precisely how rapidly we are going and the battery degree is slowly dwindling.

  The 8 pace shifter is straightforward to operate

After crossing the city to a neighbourhood seafood restaurant, we rode 9 miles and it confirmed approximately 70%battery left.  That corresponds to a rated forty-mile variety.

It’s now no longer a sports activities bike, so there aren’t any any shocks to soak up bumps.  We can sense each large pothole and crack in the road.

The seat is comfortable, however it takes a few getting used to.  We had been truly saddle sore after the primary couple of lengthy rides.

The bike runs brilliantly and has a nice whirring sound whilst the motor is running.  It isn’t loud, however it may be heard in quiet places.

  The motor is enclosed in the rear wheel housing

Speed ​​will increase quickly as pedal help ranges are increased.  Being capable of hitting 20 MPH in only a few pedal pushes could be very exhilarating.

We did journey the Pace 500 on gravel trails, even though we do not propose repeating it for apparent protection reasons.  Parts of the character path close to our residence are regularly protected with gravel in place of paved.  The bike became capable of propelling us alongside the small incline gravel direction with pedal help with no problem.

If the bike senses a lack of traction, the pedal help function turns off abruptly.  The bike dealt with the gravel direction without problem on our more than one passes and the tires gripped well.

  Riding on gravel trails is tough however possible

On paved roads, the bike plays perfectly.  It glides easily throughout the pavement with little effort, and mild inclines with pedal help sense like nothing.

It’s an e-bike with electrical components and a motor, but rain isn’t a problem – we got caught in the rain while riding.  However, Aventon warns against using vehicle mounts for prolonged exposure or during rain storms.

Aventon costs this e-bike at 28 MPH.  We got near this number, however you may want to pedal quite difficult in the maximum equipment with degree five pedal help to hit it.  Our common pinnacle pace became approximately 20 MPH.


Unlike a number of the matters we have reviewed for AppleInsider, the Aventon Pace 500 is a bit of equipment that calls for ordinary renovation.  Aventon recommends weekly and month-to-month inspections.

  Regular renovation guarantees right operation

Like any bike, it desires ordinary tests on component tension, chain stretch and lubrication, and wiring integrity.  Owners can without problems carry out fundamental cleansing and inspections the usage of out-of-the-field tools.

Brake pads, shift cables and tires can also additionally want to get replaced from time to time.  In this case, it’s far more satisfactory to locate an e-bike professional to deal with the task for you.  We truly will.

App Connectivity and Apple Health

Aventon E-Bike has a related app revel in.  It affords information approximately rides, metrics from general journey time and distance, and may even document a trip.

  The Aventon app has a few exciting information, however it is defunct without Apple Health support

The app connects to the bike through Bluetooth.  The app ought to be open for correct monitoring whilst on a journey.

The Aventon app has an in-app network wherein customers proportion pictures and stats from bike rides.  The app’s capabilities can be exciting and treasured to a few, however this is now no longer what we care about.

Instead, we depend on exercise monitoring at the Apple Watch.  After some moments of driving, the Apple Watch detects the bike journey and gives to song it.

  Tracking bike rides with the Apple Watch produces beneficial fitness metrics

Apple fitness and health monitoring metrics are an awful lot higher than the ones provided with the aid of using the Aventon app.  This is as it tracks the user’s fitness in place of simply the bike.

We’d be greatly fascinated if the Aventon app had Apple Health integration.  That permits us to mix our tracked workout on Apple Watch with correct cycling information from Aventon for a higher information set.

Aventon is not going to put into effect such capabilities, so we will stay with Apple Health.  The Apple Watch can intelligently decide whether or not a rider is on an e-bike with pedal help or now no longer.

Aventon Pace 500 Cons and Pros

Aventon Pace 500 Pros

Length forty miles variety

Faster with a pinnacle pace of 28 MPH

Strong body, exact tires

Bright show

Easy to get right of entry to controls, throttle

Aventon Pace 500 Cons

Heavy at fifty two pounds, however now no longer too heavy

Basically 0 surprise absorption

The Aventon app could be very fundamental, now no longer incorporated with Apple Health

However, this being a era website, era is missing here.  The related Aventon app revel in desires a critical improve and tie-in to Apple Health.

Aventon Pace 500 Interpretation

The Aventon Pace 500 is at the decrease quit of the e-bike spectrum however nonetheless has the whole lot you want.  It has a lengthy-variety, effective motor and sturdy construction.

  Aventon Pace 500 is a brilliant e-bike for first-time buyers

Like any car, e-bikes may be constructed from minimum specifications to high-quit luxurious devices.  We noticed expenses ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 throughout the spectrum of capabilities and designs.

The Pace 500 lands in a very good location.  It’s now no longer withinside the most inexpensive bracket for exact reason, however it is now no longer too highly-priced at $1,699.

We accept as true with that is an wonderful desire for first-time e-bike owners.

This is an wonderful e-bike, and if we had been score it on a bike-with the aid of using-bike basis, we would rank it near nine out of 10.

Rating: Eight out of Ten (10/8)

Where to shop for Aventon Pace 500 e-bike

The Aventon Pace 500 is to be had at the Aventon website.  There are color options — Midnight Black and Socal Sand.

There are body sizes primarily based totally at the user’s height, ordinary and large.  Both price the identical amount.

A exact stability of price,

Get the Aventon Pace 500 for $1,699.

Sources By Wesley Hilliard. / Aventon

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